Fractal Design G-Series Cases and Celsius Coolers at Computex | Level One Techs

I have SO MUCH computex video! how will we ever get through it all!

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Gotta say, sorry but... that MSI pre-roll was so marketing-gibberish that it hurts :confused:

We know that MSI uses kinda cheap stuff on the AM4 line-up ._.

But I digress, the Celsius already has a review from Jay and it looked rather interesting. The really interesting thing (apart from the neat PWM splitter) is really the expandability you don't typically get from an AiO (at least I don't know of any other besides the EKWB Predators and the MLC series, whenever that will be coming out...), bummer you didn't touch on that :stuck_out_tongue:

Focus G on the other hand not really my kind of thing, I like the clean look of the Define Series more :slight_smile:

I liked the blue case. It was my job to do color and design for Black + Decker and that is a nice shade of blue. Do my eyes deceive me? An optical bay in 2017?

I rarely use my DVD anymore but I use my Hot-Swap backup drives all the time.

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Damn you looked positively beaming in this video. Sounds terrible to say but, it looks like you were genuinely happy to be there and not just covering the facts for videos.

In its own way make videos worth watching. When the reviewer is enthusiastic and throwing in a few nice real world situation adlibs about the products makes them all the more enjoyable.


Cool video, looked like a very nice booth and afterparty.
I´m really interested in seeying more about those new Celcius coolers.
I really like the design and idea of those aio´s,
and the abillity to plugin the fans on the radiator thats a great idea.
Fractal cases are allways pretty decent and sleek looking.

I love the idea of an AIO with common fittings. It would be a nice starting point for a custom loop later. Putting the splitter on the radiator is a smart move too, fiddling with extra cables is annoying.

The cases on the other hand. They look kinda... generic? I realize one can only make a steel rectangle ever so different from other steel rectangles, but it's still pretty immemorable in my opinion.

That's what EK does, not sure how the Celsius are doing it.

They're not meant to be pretty or special, they're meant to be cheap.

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