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Fractal Design Define R6 Case Review ft. w/Threadripper Build | Level One Techs



To me, internally it looks like NZXT H440…
Ironic, considering the whole Thermaltake Suppressor F51 debacle…
But yeah… H440…
I know it’s different, but so was the F51…


I had no idea this was on its way out just now, so it’s a nice surprise. I’m guessing that Fractal Design see their Define C series as what will sell the best from now on, moving the Define series up a bit with more features and more upscale design and price point. Personally I could have done without a couple of the new features to keep the cost down, but I see why they’ve taken this step.

I’ve always gone with white for my Define cases, but if I’d finally put one up on top of the desk I think I’d go with the gun metal edition with the glass side.


I hope they’ make Arc Midi R3 next.


I don’t really like their cases anymore. They will put psu shroud and tempered glass on it. I rather not…


Just a little production note that I saw. I did see you used the high speed mode to do smoother product pans. That kills the resolution of the GH5. I recommend using 4K 60p with a gimbal. That will help you get those smooth pans too cause you can slow it down to 30p.

Made in China, but decent enough in terms of gimbals… Might be worth looking into @wendell:


I haven’t mastered it yet, but it’s a trick Eber showed me. If I record at a low iso and high bit rate, it is possible to upscale without loss because youtube is kinda shitty. I’d love a gimball but $$$ and I have a cheap Chinese slide that works okayish


Eber from Hardware Canucks does have some good cinematic practices including the grid trick to line up hardware in a grid to make it aesthetically pleasing. (Instagram is full of that practice) All in time, Wendell. You’ll get that gimbal soon enough. :wink:


Would enermax’s 360 TR4 rad with fans fit in either the front or the top of this case? looking through the material provided in the manual, I can’t really get a clear answer. Any help would be appreciated.


it should fit up top. other than that nope.


@wendell I’m interested in the X399 DESIGNARE EX for a future Threadripper build. What are the IOMMU groups like? For Linux, which Threadripper motherboard is the best?


what’s wrong with the shroud and tempered glass?


Every case have it nowdays. So the great inovator Fractal Design does exactly the same as everyone else.
People lost their sh… when R5 came out. Non of the R5 inovations amde it into R6. My guess is after people start complaining about broken glass panel holding mechanisms, this will be changed for R7…
My personal issue with glass is the breaking part. I kicked my steel panels 72 trillion times when I built my new system. I also dropped them 53 thousand times and sat on one of them. Guess what happens if I sit on TG…
And the shroud is simply taking away from airflow. They made it somehow mesh, so there is some breathability, but still, give me the option to put dual 140 bottom intakes with no shroud.
Just like Phanteks Enthoo Pro. I really need to get my hands on that case…


tempered glass is pretty difficult to break

car passenger windows are made of the same stuff


Tell that to all “don’t over tighten the mounting screws” warnings. Also to my old oven, that had tempered glass door and just shattered by itself…
Also I really just don’t like glass…


fair dos


Am i crazy for wanting to trade in my Enthoo Pro M for this? The watercooling options on the R6 seem far better.


You really are comparing 150$ R6 with the 70$ Enthoo Pro M… Of course the R6 is better.


The pro M is 90-100 depending on TG, are you sure you arent thinking of a different model Phanteks case?

the Phanteks evolv is 70$, are you thinking of that one perhaps?


TG has a strong center but its weakend around the edges, fun trick, if you can find an old car antenna and whip it at the lower left corner of a door window on car you can shatter it, if you hit the middle it will just crack