Fractal Design Define R4 vs Antec P280

What looks better, cools better, has better cable magement, is quiter?

What overall is a better case, cause they cost about the same from where im buying.

Define R4 IMO, comes in 3 Different Colours, Quieter and cooler because of the 140MM fans vs the P280's 120MM  and both are about the same as far as Cable Management goes.

Plus the R4 has awesome little extras like the Integrated fan controller and modular drive cages.

I have a p280. It's not a looker but it's got those little extras that made me choose it over the the R4.

Indented motherboard tray, it also has an integrated fan controller, pretty good stock fans, rubberized panels dampen sound rather well (not as well as the R4). The front panel is dual hinged which makes it awesome for tight enclosures. Everything else is basically the same, i'm not sure about modular drive cages but i used my bottom 4 drive bays as a cable dump.

The major benifits of the R4 are the aethetics (it's a beautiful case), the modular drive bays, and the stainless steel feet, because the plastic ones on the p280 are a fucking nightmare on carpet.

I'd say the major benifits of the p280 are the amazing cable routing options (indented motherboard), dual hinge/sturdy front panel, and the really easy to clear front/bottom filters.

It has a Fan Controller ? whoops must have missed that, i could of sworn when i researched it, it didnt have an integreated controller.

The Define R4 has a fan controller as well.  I don't know which one is better for cable management having not owned either one myself, but from videos and other reviews I'd say that both are great for that.  I personally would go for the Define R4 (I'm actually getting one this summer when I have the $$$) because of the aestetics, build quality, modularity of the HDD cages and the easy installation and maintanence of the fans and filters, as well as the insane amount of the sound dampening foam.