Found this somewhat old alcohol

Any thoughts on it? it has been a display for at least 10 years

looks delish, buying share.

Quite a known brand of cognac. Spirits usually don't spoil, especially if it hasn't been opened.

You should see the liqour cabinet in my kitchen it has alcohol as old as my dad in it. I'll take a pic in the morning if I remember.

It's a baby! Find a nice thin glass, pour it in it and drink it.

And they dont really mature any further in their bottle (not like wine does) as long as they are unopnened.
But I had 2 bottles of younger single malt turned bad on me because I did not finish the bottles in a year and oxidation took its toll.

Yes, spirits don't mature/ get older any further in the bottle. Though they can get rid of sharp notes if left in an unopened bottle for a longer period of time, say a couple of years. As far as turning bad, when you get below half the bottle, you have to finish it soon, otherwise the oxidation is going to destroy it. You can buy a spray that wine drinkers use, puts a layer of gas just above the spirit and prevents oxygen from getting to it.