Found My New Case!

I am definitely getting this after summer, it looks fucking awesome.

Looks great, but damn thats one big case.


yah, i blogged about this. its 300USD.

to tell you the truth i dont like it
the front looks to clunky at the the top
the rest looks sick though

Nice case!

its still not as big as my Stacker though lol

Pretty good!

Seems to be like a Silverstone Raven RV01 with no turn. better bays though.

Holy shit. supercase is super. nice find Humorus. Ifthe price is right.. Imight take a closer look at it sometime

Looks very nice. Only thing I think they should have done was hide the power supply chamber from the glass window.

Hmm nvm what I said.. Its mostly aimed for watercooling.. sooo... yeh

Hidden cables, brushed aluminum, sperate psu chamber..ooh :) looks tight man, nice choice

It's like there's a party in my eye sockets and everyone is doing the tango to polka music.

Seriously, do want.

its jsut normal it has nothing special about it

fantastic case. Make sure you light it up with some LEDs, im sure casefans will do the job.


watch the

Have you seen my case?

My case makes the 800D look like a toaster if it was a comparison of size.@Pathogen: I like the look of the 800Ds front because it's plain. It looks pertty especially when compared my cases front. Makes my case look like a toaster o' filth.

Hey Timonator, whats that thing in the top slot?

also love the OPs case, think I may get one my next build ^.^

Are you like 6 years old or something? Please tell me you know what that is...