Found an old "Unknown" Keyboard

Hi there. I want to share what i found in a store. (sorry if the grammar is a bit off)

Story time: I was shopping for some furniture in a IKEA like store. when i saw a gray/white keyboard the nerd in me had to test it. As i started typing on the thing i knew this is a mechanical keyboard. At this point i wanted the keyboard. So i came back 2 weeks later and offered an exchange for my keyboard that is brought with me. Ofc he accepted because i was a regular customer. When i came back home i ordered a DIN5 to ps/2 adapter. And today it arrived. The keyboard is 100% functional Because i write this post on it :D.

Stuff i know and don't know about this keyboard:
- I don't know the manufacturer
- I know this keyboard was build between 1982 and 1990
- Switches in this keyboard are Alps White
- On the back it has a switch with A X labeled
- I found zero information on the internet about this keyboard only one picture
- It has a patent number (don't know that's the meaning behind this).


There is no manufacturer name on it.

In the uper right corner there is only this:

Moving on to the back:

DIN5 to ps/2:

This keyborad is easy 3 cm thick:

I know some of you are a bit older in the community and thought someone can tell me more about this keyboard. I am really iterested in finding out how much is it worth, what manufacturer is this, if someone had one of these at home/work etc.

Looks like one of these;

Yes. Why didn't i seached on youtube xD. He wrote it's an APC GOG3YLTH-5539

So the manufacturer is APC? I googled the number GOG3YLTH-5539 and it's the PCB board number used in the keyboad. Interesting.

After some quick research, it seems to be an IBM Model M clone produced by NEC for their APC line of computers. The X and A switch is for compatibility between IBM XT and AT keyboard interfaces. Appears to be a earlier version of something like this one.

This site seems to have had one for sale for $5.00.

I have it on the "newer" AT and it's working. With this number GOG3YLTH-5539 i found various types some are apparently really rare the APC is selling on ebay for 120$ !?!? probably somebody trying to sell it because it looks old.

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Found out APC is a lineup of switches from Tai-Hao. they are clones of the alps.

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Uses the 8048 chip as I recall from "Inside the PC" 20 years ago so just going from memory.

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