Found a good one for the show : Son of Buc-ee’s co-founder arrested

This article feels like it just fell out of the sky into y’alls lap.



if you just have a link, you can pop it in the news suggestion thread

if you see an article worth chatting about, then a thread, like this one you started, is a good idea to keep that thread slimmed down and no nonsense

Obviously the gang don’t share all the links they receive, and I guess it would generally be good if one finds a non paywalled link (like the article you shared) and better, if one can find several sources.

The particular link you shared, about s creep doing illegal spying, does not seem revolutionary.
I don;t know how wide spread the buc-ee store chain is, if it makes the alleged perpetrator particularly noteworthy?

Like the Hunter Biden creep was noteworthy, being the son of the ex-vice-pres-then-actual-pres

edit: wait, you been around long enough to know this. last years data brokers link was an example of the chat thread.