Forum is blue text on blue background

Forum is Blue text an a Blue background for me.
See image.
[img removed cannot share links…]

I’m sure it was not like this a few days ago.
I have to highlight everything to read.

I’m sorry if I post at the wrong place, it’s hard to navigate in the blue and I’m lazy as well.

Not sure if it’s a bug or on my side.
Using FireFox, last stable version.

Edit, it affects all dark themes but “vincent”, that one have white text. Guess that bypass the problem at the moment.

I can now post links, here is the image.
Example of a random thread.

I just checked all of the themes and they are all working like they should on my end.

Only thing I can think of right now is I think all of the darker themes use white for the text except for Vincent, which actually uses grey.

In your screenshot it also looks like you are using a different font as well. The default font should be a pretty even, plain font.

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The specific font he’s using is one used by people with Dyslexia.

It’s very likely the individual needs this font to overwrite the default presented by the web UI.

It’s possible that this manual font overwrites behavior is not properly supported by Discourse, leading to this error.


Hmm, I’m trying with OpenDyslexic and not able to replicate the issue.

(Firefox on Manjaro)

@Five_Boxing_Wizzards have you made any changes to your “Language and Appearance” options in Firefox? Or using any extentions that change font/text?

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Yes! It’s OpenDyslexic that I’m using!
Great font :smiley:
I tried to change it back to normal fonts but it still looks blue after the change.

There are some color options in the settings, I clicked those to “never” use. It was on highlighted setting.
I also tried Always just for test, that changed all kinds of colors to black and white mostly.

It’s on “never” now.
But did not change anything.
I saw one color there, “visited links” that looks pretty similar to the text color.
But changing it did not change the site so probably not it.
I could not find any other setting about color.

I tested using opera Browser, it works fine there I see how it should normally look so it’s definitely my FireFox that is doing something naughty!

I tried to use opendyslexic with opera but could not get it to actually work even though changing the fontsettings, so don’t know if it could be the font itself.

I really like this Vincent one now so I will continue to use it.
If I ever fiddle with the settings more and find the issue I will post about it here so anyone else who might get the same can read solution!

I use some other plugins in FF.
Like noscript, allowing
Adblocker plus, canvas fingerprint defender among a few more, they could probably mess things up too!

Chromium browsers don’t override fonts on websites with custom fonts loaded.

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