Fort Lauderdale shooter told FBI US Intelligence was forcing him to watch ISIS videos

There's multiple articals around with the same exact story but not as many mainstream media corps. are posting this at all

Heard NPR mention this in a random split second news update and it kind of caught me off guard. Turns out he went to and FBI field office and claimed US Intelligence was forcing him to watch ISIS videos. He is also and Iraq veteran and has a criminal record.

It will probably come out he is mental unstable which is totally believable but it's still strange to hear.

Not going to get my tin hat on just thought this is interesting to share because it's not being broadcast very well.

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This really isn't tech news.

And the article kinda shows the growing disconnect with vets/active service with the rest of the population.

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The tag said government and news I wasn't sure which to use. Probable scrolled past the right one

Government and political news isn't really the best thIng here.

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Going to close this out for now as it doesn't fit within the realm of tech policy discussion.