Former Solus lead Ikey Doherty launches FOSS game development consultancy/studio

Former Solus project lead developer Ikey Doherty has launched a game development studio, focusing on building FOSS games and engines.

Definitely not a Steam killer, but I’m extremely happy to see FOSS gaming get some more attention. :slight_smile:


Nice, glad he’s back in the game. He could do a hell of a lot of good with this endeavor.


Interesting that he chose D for the language.


After his mis-handling of his exit from Solus, would you trust him in a lead position?
I mean, I guess he must have learnt the bus factor? The Solus guys certainly did!

Nostalgia to the max!!! I only know about that because of this:

This is fair. However (most of this is speculation) I think he was in a very emotional time in his life. Everyone is capable of change and moving forward after a shortcoming, failure, or setback.

I never heard the full story, but can only presume he used his personal email login for the patreon site, the update/release server hosting, the project website, and the rest, and didn’t trust his team with his personal email login?

I know someone from Solus managed to talk the hosting company into extending their billing date, or allowing a non account holder to pay the bill, but they didn’t make it easy, but at least they could stay running, when the update servers would have just ceased, eventually breaking everyone’s install

I really like the “license model” they chose. I highly appreciate anyone going ahead with a “buy once, lifetime access” License. It’s why i bought Reaper over other DAW’s and that’s another project. Even if i might end up spending more than with other options, i appreciate the option in a time of limitless DLC’s, Subscriptions, Season-Passes and similar “perpetual income” solutions.


Not sure. I know he had a child, became deathly ill, and was dealing with an overly critical, abusive community.

Plus he had moved across countries, from what I remember, and was probably out of sorts for a while.

He should have communicated better, put in better controls, put in a fail safe, etc. Hopefully he learns from that with this new business.

The Gold Standard™ of software.


I guess in such situations it would be better to say “I’ve got shit going on. I’ll not be available for a few weeks until i’ve gotten life figured out”.
But i also know how hard it can be to pull away from something you are more or less in charge off. I guess it’s not only in a paid, corporate environment that people need to learn, that the world will turn without them and that your personal physical and mental health is more important than anything else.

I’ll personally not judge to hard here. People make mistakes and i believe everyone should get a chance to prove they can do better. So, let’s see how this goes.

This unfortunately hits me extremely hard and unfortunately I still haven’t fully recovered from my fall from grace about 3 years ago.

I’m hoping this will work closer with Godot to enhance it’s resources.