Force App GPU accel in AMD Radeon Settings


I cannot figure out how to force GPU accel per program in AMD Radeon Settings. Have never used this software. I am trying to force my CCTV viewing software to use my GPU for decoding.

All my search results seem to be pertaining only to laptops where the discrete and iGPU outputs are shared (switchable graphics setting). I know for a fact that Catalyst Control Center had this option. I also tried the Windows graphics performance settings to no avail. I have another PC with an NVIDIA card that automatically uses acceleration on this program. The software I need this to work on is Dahua SmartPSS.

this is not the answer you want, but i think your application needs to support it.

And what you are really looking for is how to control wich gpu is used for gpu acceleration.

Some terms for it is:
Amd enduro
Amd hybrid graphics

Is this helpful?

I was mistaken. My NVIDIA system shows 30% usage but nothing for decoding.

Pretty dumb to develop a VIDEO app without GPU acceleration imo but it’s Chinese so who knows

Buy Hikvision not Dahua lol

Even high end CPUs cannot handle 16 streams even at sub stream resolution

Sorry i edited my post away while you were answering, becose i was thinking linux.

I dont think i would use some cheap chinese software anyway, They dont do security updates. And things might default to opening ports for the entire world to see.

So i would either put it behind a firewall, Or i’m asuming these are iptv cameras.
Could you replace the software with tvheadend or something with gpu acceleration?
I do not have any experience with tvheadend but i have goten the impression tv-capture software can be used for ipcameras.

It’s just the software for accessing a dedicated NVR without a web browser. Hikvision’s comparable software iVMS has an option for hardware decoding, but it will not allow me to connect to a Dahua NVR.

Could we define this as a question?

For example:
You need a ipcamera DVR?
for your (link to camera)
And you want this to be on windows?

And then we toss in a Network tag to the post? Becose i would think iptv and video DVR could go under network.

A new tag will attract more peopel to help :slight_smile:

We have an NVR already and unfortunately replacing it is not an option. I just need some desktop application that will allow me to view this system with GPU acceleration

Hopefully something like this that allows you to connect to multiple different manufacturers of DVR/NVRs