Forbes calls Ubisoft the New EA

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Yes I happen to read Forbes. I wasn't expect this article but it really nailed out how what Ubisoft is currently doing is very wrong.

I'm currently voting with my wallet by not buying any Ubisoft games. That's the only way they will ever change is if enough gamers don't buy any of their games, DLC, and micro transactions.

Far Cry 4 is the Last Straw for me, if They Fuck that game up that's going to be the nail in the coffin, Ubisoft might as as well be Dead. cause i'll never buy their games ever again.

I wish there was a way for me to express how much I agree with you. If Farcry 4 is bad, I'm getting out my pitchfork. 

I wish there was a way for me to express how much I agree with you. If Farcry 4 is bad, I'm getting out my pitchfork. 

I also want FarCry 4 to be good.  It is one of the few games coming out this fall that I care about.  If it is indeed fucked up like Ubisoft's recent games...they're gonna need a new word to describe how angry I'll be.

Nope, xl games and trion. Has to be by far the worst i have ever seen.

i kinda agree with forbes and so do the stock prices ubisoft dropped with 9.3% in stockprices

How does THQ go under but anti-consumer bags of dicks like Ubi still exist?

Being a PC gamer and having a backlog of 30+ games at any given point I dont feel like I will miss out on anything by not buying FC4 until its 5 bucks a few months after it comes out. that is if I ever get it. I mean fc3 was pretty shallow IMO so its not like I'm pining for any more of that game.

I guess the current state of Trippe A gaming is just a massive race to the bottom. Ubi just thinks that whom ever gets their first wins.

I kinda hope FC4 sucks though just because fuck ubisoft.








with watchdogs and now AC5

I can never bring myself to buy Ubisoft games even the old ones. I wanted Rainbow 6, I wanted Ghost Recon, I want to play those games that I only get to play on Demo before I got my PC. But not anymore Ubishit!

Lol its an overreaction, people will always buy into their crap. If they haven't stopped now there would be no reason to think that is going to happens.

How many times have people said 'this is the last straw' no offence but I will believe when I see it. As for me I refuse to install a propriety storefront/library client for every publisher. And I refuse to buy into their crappy dlc whoring..

And I pay for plenty of games. Also UniSoft is racist as well as hating PC gamers.. So screw them.

I haven't purchased really Ubisoft Title since Far Cry 3 so i am one of the few who CAN say "This is the Last Straw" I Don't really care for Assassin's Creed and don't plan on getting into the series either. I was considering Watch_Dogs but the non-sense that came with it. was just (i'll wait till that shit drops price) and the reason i say last straw is cause Far Cry 3 was actually a good game. I don't really care for their other titles, BUT i care about Far Cry. if there's bullshit that will come with that game as well and it goes downhill. then Ubisoft is Done in my eyes. People have been disappointed with Most of their Games as of Late and a Far Cry Disappointment is a Huge backlash that i don't think Ubisoft will be able to handle. and also something People really don't want to hear. and if you enjoyed the Far Cry series too I'm sure you'd feel the same way.