For Wendell, about your face

Hello Logan and Wendell. I love your content and admire you both but I have to ask Why doesn't Wendell show his face? Just wondering, thanks in advance and happy travels!

He's not actually a person, he is an advanced AI that Logan built.

Wendell is really just Logan in SLI

Funny thing about it is that Wendell is actually wanting to work on developing a Jarvis like AI. AI building AI. Singularity, here we come.

Jokes aside, its just a bit of an in joke that Wendel is always behind the camera and never shows his face. The reason he is behind the camera in the first place though is that their camera has some problem with the charger connection, so someone needs to keep watching it to make sure its working.

You can find him though. He's in either the tek 002 or 003, dont remember which so youtube it and you'll see him.

EDIT: yeah my bad, inbox 002, not the tek

It's inbox 002 that he's in. He explains a bunch of stuff about hard drives.

Perhaps Logan is the prototype AI that Wendell has built.... We just don't know about it yet, because he is afraid of how the masses might react.

I thought that was Gary Wozniak from Waiuku....

It's nice to put a face to the name, though the "anonymity" on the videos is quite amusing.

Its Gabe newell (no hate man)

As Tankata and Spekl said, you can see Wendell here:

bring back the pea coat logan!

He looks a bit like Gabe Newell, does everyone agree or disagree.

Wait a minute... Wendell is working on AI... Nvidia... Project Logan... Oh God... It's true! Logan is AI!

Holograms...all of it!!!

FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY! I waited forever for this!  Hope this doesn't come out weird.