For those who love old school video game songs :)

listen to it and tell me what you think. He has downloadable links from his E.P s on his myspace check them out! (Fortress of Discord * personal favorite)

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Just post the YouTube URL

haha thanks


that shit is so epic.

Shit be epic.

Love it.

spread the word. there are new songs comming up ...that one right there ^ is not even the best one.

Def, lol, told my friends at school.

Actually iAmError is going instrumental which I like much more.. The new demo 09 of Hyr00l, the final, is nice to me.


I actually did something like that too last year im gonna put it on youtube :)

hmmm... i just heard my stuff i think im gonna do a myspace of it any names?

Nice, Nice. Can't wait to see.

this is so epic, i love old school video game music!