For Logan - Reply to $600 KYC Build

Hi Logan!

Thanks for putting up the $600 KYC build.


Before I continue, this thread is not meant to show anyone up.  I'm bringing this discussion to the table because I believe that the $600 KYC Build could possibly be better with the FX-6300.

What are your thoughts on this?

On my previous thread below, I was wondering what kind of non-APU based build you would come up with for $500.

I've kept a close eye on the 750k, and I was excited when you brought it up in your $600 build.  As an overall build, a system with the 750k allows for flexibility in budget since prices will be different in various parts of the US.

However, as I previously stated, I do believe that the build could be better with an FX-6300.

Prices will not be the same later down the road, but below is just a general idea of what I came up with as of 10-13-13.

Total: $610.85

For selected merchants, I've picked only Newegg, NCIX, and Amazon since these are the only three online stores I've actually purchased from.  The price above reflects the total with no taxes, combo discounts, promotional discounts (excluding promotional gift cards), and no rebates.

I personally suffer from 7% tax from Newegg and Amazon (as of July 2013), so something like this would not fit my budget since I would be approximately $50-$60 over-budget.  In this case, I would probably do something like this.

Total: $579.31.

Same settings as the previous build, except with 7% taxes from Newegg and Amazon.

I know that there are people in the US who have worse taxes than I do, but even then, I believe it's possible to assmble a $600 build with the FX-6300.

Again, what are your thoughts on this, Logan?

I think he said he was going to do a second video for the FX6300. Also, I would put the FX6300 on a better motherboard, such as the ASUS M5A97 R2.0, for quality reasons. This would increase the price to approximately $630-640.


Right, but for $600 and below, I think it's possible to substitute the 750k with an FX-6300 to make the build a bit better.


I would be prepared to compromise on the GPU performance, to allocate part of my budget to an FX6300 and suitable motherboard. That's just my personal preference. But I would never compromise on quality.

I don't think the gap between the 750k and the FX6300 is as large as some might think. However, it is large enough to warrant the attention.

The motherboard I recommended is suitable.  I've also used the one you recommended, and I've never had a problem with either for gaming purposes.

But since you brought it up, this is what my build would look like.

Same merchants, same conditions, with 7% tax.

Yeah when going for a 6 core build I wouldn't feel safe unless I went with a higher quality motherboard(even though the Xbox 1 and PS4 probably use lower end parts....), I changed some parts around, but it's basically the same thing. I changed, most importantly, the motherboard, the RAM(to something cheaper), the case, and the PSU. If they are putting windows on there, they lay need a DVD drive, but that's more an after thought.

The total price for a better quality build like this, which in turn would beat out the next gen consoles would cost $663.90 before coupons and rebates; and $572.89 after it all, so it's your call on what you want to take as the real price.

I would take $663.90 as the base total, simply because there are people out there who don't give a damn about rebates and/or are too lazy to do them, which is what my suggested builds reflect.

The reason I prefer the ASUS motherboard is because ASUS have a better proven track record with AMD motherboards, plus the power phases and voltage regulation are superior, which is great for overclocking.

On the other hand, MSI have had quite a bad reputation with AMD motherboards. Though, the G43 is suitable, but not ideal. It's being a little picky, I know.

And not the LE version. The normal version is better.

You can fit the 6300 in under 600$, but youd have to get the best deals available and buy from different stores, not just amazon. If you make a build with pcpartpicker for 600 itll be probably more expensive next week.

I don't notice a difference between the LE and non-LE version of it aside from the USB 3.0 header.

And I don't know where you're getting your information from regarding MSI's AMD motherboards, but I've never had a problem with them.

 So close but that $.69, if were counting rebates.

It's pretty well known. The MSI motherboard doesn't even have heatsinks on the VRMs. All-in-all, a pretty poorly designed motherboard.

Again, in my actual experience, I've never had a problem with them, so I have no hesitations recommending them to others if it fits the budget.

i have this same motherboard they showed in the video but with an Apu ( a10 5800k ) but i bought a GPU and wanna get rid of the Apu and replace it with the Cpu they chose here (750k ) since its so cheap, my question is will i have a problem with my OS if i just swap my cpu? will i have to do a software update for my bios? re install windows? or will it just work once i swap em? i heard a lot of diff answers on this so i dunno what to think anymore xD

Not worth it. The 750k is the same cpu as the 5800k has, just without integrated graphics. My suggestion is just buy a graphics card and put it in and disable the integrated graphics, and your good to go.

Yeah, these deals go up and down so much. I did two videos back to back... one with the 750k and one with the 6300. I am uploading that one now, but the prices are changing so much now with all these deals that they are almost the same price... it's crazy. I might take the other one down... The other will be live soon. 

Awesome video!

The back order situation with NCIX and most of their RAM has been on-going for the last couple of weeks.  For some reason, NCIX had stupidly cheap prices on their RAM, and people snatched everything up.