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Hi guys,
can any one tel my mean this error “window_opengl_make_current=-501”?

What application are you using when it gives this error? Are you running it in wine or something similar? Does the application load other files and work with everything but, that one file?

Try updating your video card drivers if possible. For some reason I remember getting a code like that in Counter Strike on windows and updating video drivers fixed it.

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thank for reply.
i try to run “parsecd” and im getting the error
im on ubuntu mate

Was this for the game Parsec, or the Mac software?
Did the steps in the install page show any errors? Like vpau thing?

Does your processor have integrated iGPU? Or separate GPU?

I see the other post with the CPU which I think Does have integrated Intel graphics.

I would still look at the install page for Ubuntu and get back to us

And Hi by the way…

thank you ,
it for remote gaming ,i donwload parsec-linux.deb from officiel website and i install it useing dpkg with no error .
im on a old mac mini 2007 (intel cpu T7200 + 3Gb ram) with fresh ubuntu install DE mate and Xorg.
i use this machin only for remote access to my gaming pc.
if anyone know a good solution to remote access like parsec whit low latency i’ll try it.