For Honor Price Cut Before Launch and $339 GTX 1070 this week in Deals | Level One Techs

Starting tomorrow, February 9, Ubisoft's For Honor Beta will go live to the public and run up to the games February 14 release date. If you happen to try it out and like the game, or are excited for the hype, you can pre-order at a discount from GMG. There you'll find a 20% price break on the Standard Edition to $47.99, Deluxe to $55.99, and Gold to $79.99 which saves you anywhere between $12 and $20 over MSRP.

On the hardware side of deals is the new place to find cheaper GPUs. The GTX 1070 from Gigabyte has fallen to a mere $339.99 after applying a 15% off coupon at checkout. This is one of the cheapest GTX 1070's to date and rivals Black Friday discounts.

Another PC gaming sale worth mentioning today is GamersGate's discounts of select Civilization titles. Your main deals are going to be on Civilization VI and the Civ VI Deluxe Edition which are 26% off and 30% off respectively and within $5 of their historic lows during a non-holiday sale. Also discounted now through Friday is Civilization V Complete for $10.50, which slightly beats the usual 75% Civ V Complete discount of $12.50.

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Thats a nice price for a 1070. has always been having great deals.

Well if you put it like that it looks like I can finally get that upgrade.