Foobar and Visualizations


I'm trying to switch to Foobar after Winamp pooped itself once again. One thing Winamp had was visualizations with Milkdrop, and with a click of the button, Winamp will show only visualizations. Here is a picture to show you what Winamp looks like.

Notice how there is a row of tabs... "Media Library" which would typically show all my songs, albums, etc (but isn't due to the database rolling over and playing dead) and then "Videos" and then "Visualizations". I think I know how to add visualizations to Foobar, even with Milkdrop, which is by default a Winamp application, but I don't want it to be like... just kindda there the entire time, in some window, some part of the screen. When I want to see visualizations, I want most of Foobar to be showing the visualizations, not have it be in a 3 inch box.


But sometimes I don't feel like looking at visualizations. Sometimes I do. When I don't, I don't want it on there at all.


Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

A quick search brought me to Shpeck for foobar. Have you tried that?