Foobar and Facets. Tears everywhere

Okay so with the recent demise of Winamp I've moved to Foobar.

I have facets installed, I've got playlists showing and media library sorting a la winamp all sorted, and everything is fine except when I double click a track in the track section of facets it adds only that track to the playlist.

I can add all the tracks and play them from the start by double clicking the "all" item at the top of the track display, but I want the winamp behaviour of adding all the tracks of the album to the playlist but playing from the one I double clicked on.

I know it's a small issue but adding the tracks and then selecting the song I wanted is an unnecessary step I want to avoid.

I've changed every setting and ticked every box I can find in the settings and it's just not happening.


P.S. My friend is using foobar with facets and his works exactly as I want mine to. Same plugins.

TL;DR: I want foobar to play the whole album starting from the song I selected.

Change the "track section" to "Albums" and it will add all songs in the album to the playlist when clicked. Then select individual tracks to play from the playlist, not facets.

I can't find a setting labelled "track selection"

Not a setting, i mean your columns in facets

I personaly use genre as first column, artist as second and album as third. You have a track column it sounds like, so replace that with albums and use the playlist after selecting the album to choose an individual song. Best way i know to do what your looking for.

Okay, well now I get what you mean, but you've misunderstood the OP. My first column is artist, second album and third is tracks. I already can select the whole album and pick the song I want from the playlist, but that's more steps than I want and I rarely remember that I have to do that.

I want to be able to select one track from the "tracks" column and it sends all the entries in the column to the playlist and starts playing from the one I clicked on.

I understand and what you are asking for is exactly what i was saying. There is no function to select one track and send the entire tracks list of the column to the playlist. Since foobar2k is a playlist based system.

So as i was saying if you are selecting the album and then selecting a track, in order to get the function you want, dont select the track, just select the album and if it will play all tracks on the alum, or select the genre if you want more than one album and play the whole genre. I have never seen any player that lets you select one track and plays the entire list of tracks unless it is in the playlist already. So again, you have to make a playlist and save it as say rock or pop and open that playlist tab, play one song in the playlist and it will continue playing the rest of the songs in the playlist.

Hope hat helps, just remember foobar is a playlist based player.