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I'm new to folding and when I get my farm completely running I'd like to join RTW's folding team, but I can't seem to find any post about it, I can't seem to go back farther than 2 pages of forum topics and the search isn't turning anything up, if someone could either link me or just post the info here that would be great, I need the team number BTW.

We used to have a pretty strong folding team. I dont remember who managed it, but id love to see it again. If no one steps forward, ill definitely start up a new one.

We should make a new team then.


Let's do it!!!!!




I used to do [email protected] but quit a long time ago. I'll start up again.

Cool, I joined the group! I'll be upgrading from a Pentium E2200 to a Q8300 soon, so let the fun begin.

Gunna set up the ps3, and get my pc set up when i get it.

I'm a cold bastard so I wont participate.

Just kidding.

Really, I just dont want to have my rig run at 100% (ish) when im really not using it. Wears the parts out, and electrics bill wont be nice.

Does [email protected] support cards like the Tesla or Quadro? Would they do any better?

will start again. besides its fucking cold in my house so this will help haha

I don't think I can afford the power bill, but I'll see what I can do.

They should support Tesla and Quadro cards, but they're not worth it for such small projects.

I've got a PIII in my farm, I'm sure those cards will help out a lot more than it would

I live in a dorm, free electricity, 1MB/sec internet, and AC cooling, i just have to install an OS that's compatible with the Cisco nac software used to get internet on my dedicated farm pc's

one 955be and two 4890's mulching away work units.... race you all to the top :p

does anyone know why my folding @ home client always comes up with and error and doesn't do that whole folding idea

Just started folding on my i7 920 @ 4.2ghz (SMP client w/ bonus points) and on my GTX 280 (GPU3 client). You guys are in trouble now!

Mickydeath: What specific error is it throwing at you?

Nate said:



why not use the old team??? 142600

more points on it already, and it is properly linked to razetheworld.com

We do not have the information for that team anymore, someone non staff made it, and now we cant update it.

might participate when I get a CPU in other build, I just cant afford to have this one run all the time (it trips the breaker if I use my computer,amp,and microwave at the same time lol)

renzuokun said:

will start again. besides its fucking cold in my house so this will help haha

can your comp double as a space heater to? I thought I was alone in this issue

I'll help once it's close to winter in NZ. Tired of helping EVGA out.