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Have fun!

@Kiaxa show off that beautiful custom Loop A10 you got bro

Don't have one yet, but plan to get the A10 7870k or the 7850k

What do you plan as using for the cooler?

Something that is cheap and works(not stock, lol)

Yep, will do


what clocks do you get?

4.6GHz, I am trying for 5.0GHz

rad. what are typical temps

Under 40C load typical

Hi I am brand new here. Dau wanted gaming PC,minecraft Skyrim and Final Fantasy 7. Wife was telling me were poor so I said Ill keep it below 300. Microcenter is on my route so I got 7850k w/gigabyte MB F2A88xm-d3h combo.8 gig EVGA 2133 and they had 2 open box deals. Coolermaster something for 15 bucks and Antec case w/380 bronze PSU for 40 bucks. Last PC I built was 5x86. Forgot how much fun it is. Total was 270 and under 3 with tax,chips and a soda.
So I decided to try a sub 200 dollar build for the upstairs TV as a monitor when wife is playing Farmville downstairs. I was gonna get the 7850 but saw they had 3 7870's in stock so I went with that, the MSI 68 chipset MB and 8 gig of EVGA 2400 Ram for 55 bucks and the CPU/MB was 130 after a 10 buck mail-in rebate. I am gutting dau's old pc, an emachines EL1300 for PSU,HD and fan, Case I want to use a PS/2 mod 30. Here the stuff and hi.


Wow that's cheap.

I don't want to admit how much I spent on just watercooling fittings....

Man I looked into water cooling and "ouch"
I looked into making my own cooling pipe cooler when I thought it was just a copper pipe. Then found out there is stuff inside them things.
I was expecting the stock cooler and when I opened the box on the 7870 I was like" whats this?"

I've just got a block on my 7870 XT at the moment, and some of the stick on Vram coolers:-

I've still got to replace some of the plastic 90 degree connectors...

If you want to watercool you can always start watercooling and use a plastic box and an aquarium pump ($10 on ebay):

That was my first attempt... It actually didn't cost that much for the blocks, its the 90 degree bends that cost the money... If your happy with big bendy tubes it costs about $100 ($15 on pump res - $70 on blocks (uni GPU not full) and $15 on barbs (2 CPU, 2 GPU, 2 Rad). You cut holes in the top of the plastic box for the res and use silicone. I forgot the Radiator... that's $30 more for a Magicool 240 (a good cheap rad).

Well things changed allot with my build. I bought the parts for my main 8320 based build and got a bad MB. Meanwhile I wanted to see if the gpu was ok and plugged it into my MSI A68h-e33 board and it worked fine. I also noticed that this ultra cheap board had pci level 3 or something and my new non-working 8320 MB did not. Card was a r9 380 strix.
Anyhow I took everything back. I was kinda pissed. I swapped the 7870k with my dau's 7850k since she has the an 88 chipset and installed her 7850k with a t2 cooler on the cheapo MSI board. Also removed plastic thingy on cooler that I forgot to remove the first time.....I thought 55 degrees was kinda warm:)
It will now be my main gaming pc. Put it in an old Sagitta case with a 450 watt raidmax PSU. Put the 1 tb wd HD from my old rig in it. Its just plain SATA. Just finished installing win 10 on it and downloading lastest MSI drivers and catalyst 15.7.1.
I am very disappointed with the evga mem. My dau's pc was getting BSOD's and I replaced hers with Corsair pro 2133 mem and the BSOD's disappeared. The evga mem is now in mine and set to 1600 until I am done downloading stuff.

On my secondary test rig, which doubles as my significant other's computer, I upgraded the motherboard to Gigabyte's FM2A88X-UP4. I made a diddy thread about it. Sadly, I'm still using the A10-5800K, but it's not worth spending at least another $50 for a few percentages worth of performance - still, hopefully I still apply.

Ok fixed a few problems.
My mouse stopped working cause the cat chewed it, that's how I found out I have to use the + or - key to set ram speed and voltage. I must have clicked that stupid thing in the bios a hundred times.
Did the AMD overclocking thing in catalyst and it froze at 4.5 MHz but since my board is not even rated for the 7870 I figured I would keep it stock for now.
Plays Crysis 2 and 3 fine
BF4 with medium settings no AA I get 28 to 30 fps at 1080 and 55 to 60 at 720. For under 200 bucks I will take that.
This thing reminds me of a 30-30 Winchester, Not as fast or sexy and a bolt action 300 mag but it gets the job done