Floatplane vs YouTube - L1T News Video Format

I notice L1T news videos posted on Floatplane differ from the L1T news weekly schedule posted on YouTube. Is there any plan to use the same 3 days-a-week news format to match the YouTube posting schedule? I kind of like the break down of each news section Government/Social, Business/Space, Security/Nonsense.

I know the videos are recorded in one session but enjoy the broken down format.

Isn’t early access an incentive? You can always leave the video when they re-do the intro. Plus, I always liked getting it early.


It is, but timestamps don’t appear to work in Floatplane so trying to find out where the next topic starts is not as easy.

Yeah, I also emailed FP support, and they say it’s in the works. They’re just around 5 devs, so development is a bit slow there.