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LTT expo is coming and I have waited. Floatplane is floating on what I dont know.

Maybe linus will fund it into the ground.

The last wan show luke was saying he was trying to convince youtubers to come about. Pauls hardwares has been bitching all year till I stopped watching he wants on floatplane.

I guess I was pissed off a year ago because Linus was teasing its release. It’s been a year and change. Let’s give it one more year.



It’s still not flawless for live streaming but I’m sure it will get better



It’s just if luke from canada can do it with a few people and cloud infrastructure it is a shoe in for google statis.

Gaming via a stream like being a streaming servoce involves ISP’s .



Come to floatplane or LTX?



I would look like a pedophile :slight_smile:



what the fuck, I’m talking about if you think Luke is trying to get techtubers to join the floatplane platform or simply attend LTX if not both



Know the people who fly to canada will be mostly kids. Im to old to bother traveling…Just stream it.



I think he actually has a lot of them already on board. The thing is…Floatplane isn’t ready for them. For example, he said a couple of months ago (either on the WAN Show or his personal Twitch stream, I don’t remember) that they only had one transcode server and it could only process uploads one at a time in a serial queue. Combine that with the fact that they have 3 creators uploading most every day. Plus, some of the uploads really tax the server. Jason at Tech Deals is very long-winded and frequently uploads multi-hour super-high-bit-rate videos, supposedly; everyone else had to wait while they transcoded. edit: Reading this again I want to clarify that he said this AFTER they had just added some parallelization to the transcode process.

So, yeah…they aren’t ready yet. There’s still various scalability issues that they are dealing with.

His Twitch stream is one of the few that I watch (i.e. have on in the background while I do other things) consistently. He tries to avoid talking shop on stream, but he’ll occasionally mention some of the things they’re working on. I’m not a web programmer, so take this with a grain of salt, but a lot of the things continue to be things that I would think are pretty fundamental to running a subscription video service (or at least one that has any potential to scale).

I mean, Luke has sounded a bit more confident in recent months about the current state of Floatplane, but maybe that’s just my perception.



float plane is small deployment ready. not mass deployment ready. needs to scale things up by at least 5x for it to be ready for a somewhat mass deployment. proof of concept works decent now it is time for proof of scale.



sigh they should be using elastic solutions to this. If they ran on a kubernetes cluster, they could build a service that spins up a container for every video that comes in.

Sounds like they failed to factor in scalability. :confused:

As someone who works on software tools that has scaled from a single 8 core instance to a cluster of 200 64 core boxes, I’ve got a bit of experience in the area. Solutions that tend to fail are the ones that aren’t able to handle the scaling. It’s not so much “did we design a good product?” That’s easy. “did we design a product that won’t choke when it gets a lot of attention” is where the real money is.

The problem is that their hiring process is a bunch of bullshit. Fill out a google form with your experience, then 6 months later you get an email asking for resumes. You’re not going to get anyone good that way. You really need to use or hire a recruitment officer.

This is the wrong mentality but the correct problem.

It needs to be built so it can scale 1000x in 30 minutes.

If you build a solution with proper ISC (see here:, you can get insane scalability at the drop of a hat. People need to stop thinking about platforms and start thinking about tasks. You spawn workers for each task. A server doesn’t provide specific services, but a platform to run generic services. One day server 5 may be hosting a transcode engine when the next day it might be hosting an nginx proxy or auth service.



Reading your stuff reminds me from World of Warcraft solving that problem around first wotlk raids

Basically, I think they run similar server emulators to private servers, and each instance be it dungeon or raid or the world, creates new emulator, and then there are just priorities like obviously the low population servers dungeons are getting +200ms

Then later on I suspect they did do the same for world states splitting the users on fly

From that scheme the next step in my head would be to allow users host “node?” and profit :man_shrugging:t2:



ok I now need a sub because my man AKBkuku is on there.

Fucking bigger senpai than even wendell.



You know a while back Luke was hiring a SysAdmin, you probably could spearheaded that entire thing as they were accepting applicant outside of Canada if you have the skills. The only thing to note probably would be the amount of work being thrown at you because they are basically a startup. You’d also need to know how to use OVH infrastructure instead of AWS/Azure because they wanted to keep as much data in Canada as possible.

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L1T based competitor to float plane when?



I applied, didn’t hear anything for 9 months, then got asked to send a resume two weeks after I landed my current job.

Would have gone and worked for FP if they had been expedient in their hiring process.



Yesterday. It’s called curl | mpv frontend to nginx.

Come on, we’re technical people we don’t need a fancy webui.

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If only 1% of the viewers applied…
They still would have had thousands of applications to sort through… and Luke & Linus are the HR people for FP.
I can see why it took a while



Which goes back to my original point: Their hiring process for a technical position shouldn’t be through their LTT audience, which is clearly aimed at non-technical people.



:point_up: This.



I’d imagine that 1% of the 1% that did apply are technical. Maybe they want a fan of the company/shows because passion for the company is a plus?
…idk all im saying is benefit of the doubt.

I was interested in applying, but didnt.