Flickering laptop screen

Hello all,

I am not sure if my issue needed to be placed here. However I have a laptop issue.
The problem is that my laptop screen started to flicker from startup and turns black as soon the log in screen comes up. some times I can still work with the laptop no flickering only a darker band in the bottom of the screen.
With an external screen the flickering sometimes gets less. The external screen does not flicker.
I am wondering if the flickering i due to a bad screen or video-card. I did replaced the ribbon cable from motherboard to screen but that did not help.
My laptop id a lenovo thinkpad x1 Yoga gen 1.

You’d probably be getting the same or similar issues on your external monitor if it was the GPU, I’d try replacing the screen or even the whole assembly if you can get a good price for it (also a good return policy).

Could be a loose connection, failing LEDs or system board power supply (to the LEDs).

You say you replaced the display cable? The whole thing that goes from the board to the back of the LCD dissplay itself?

If you could get another display (any compatible display will do, you just need to plug it in and power it on) and check if it works, you could narrow it down to either the display assembly or the system board…

If you rule out a software problem, i.e. the screen behaves badly, regardless of the system, even in bios.

  1. Ribbon, but you already mentioned that.
  2. Backlight, such behavior was quite typical for CCFL, less for led, although I observed similar behavior with led on TV. LED backlighting of the entire panel and some LEDs caused shorting in a row.
  3. Defective inverter.
  4. Damaged GPU. Typically, RAM problems.

From a financial point of view, only the replacement of the inverter or the led may be acceptable, otherwise it will only be the replacement of the entire panel …

Make sure it is not 100% software (driver / settings) situation.

If the backlight goes out, but the panel still gets power and signal, use a very powerful flashlight and light it from the back and look if you can see the image on the screen.

Theoretically, there is also a possible option of a problem with the lcd power section on the motherboard, although I had such cases only with stationary LCDs.

Damaged electronics in the panel itself can also be, but usually it is quite a low percentage.


Hello here an update: I found a screen and i tried to connect it to the laptop breaking de ribbon cable. , had to buy a new ribbon cable. With the new cable both laptop screens are not being recognized by the laptop. It is possible that i have broken something on the motherboard when I chanced the cable. With the laptop screen not being recognized is the external screen now the primary screen and can i use the touch panel of the laptop screen on the external monitor.
The second laptop screen is not the right one if i want the right assembly it will is quiet expensive or from far away.
The most software solutions are with win 10 installed since I use Ubuntu this does not apply.
Thanks for all the suggestions.