Flickering at top and middle of screen

I have an Asus R7 260x oc videocard and an AMD FX6300 on an Asus M5A78L-M USB3 mobo and when i play games like Arma 3 or Batman origins the screen will have flickering pixels on the top or in the middle. I have tried other monitors and it still does it but in games like bioshock infinite it runs flawlessly. Anyone know how to fix this? I can play the games but it is annoying.



First I would try turning on V-Sync in the game options menu. Next if that doesn't help then I would check your video drivers. Make sure you're on the latest driver. If you already have the latest driver you may want to try "downgrading" to an older driver and see if that helps

ok thank you for the advice

i definitely think its the gpu, rma it and get a shiny new one