Flashing BIOS Qotom


I have a QOTOM-Q355G4 running opnsense, and it’s been working great.

I saw that I’m running an old bios-version and found a newer at http://www.minipc.vip/Q3XXG404.zip
However, I cannot find out how to actually do the update. I can’t find any option in the bios to update. The .zip file contains:
AfuEfix64.efi EFI/ Q3XXG404.bin f.nsh

BootIa32.efi Bootx64.efi

contents of f.nsh:
afuefix64 Q3XXG404.bin /p /b /n /x

I found some instructions in Chinese I think:

Since I don’t have that up.bat file it does not work.

How can I use this to update my bios? :slight_smile:


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Okay. I just thought I’d update with that I did.

At http://www.minipc.vip/BIOS/ you can find a readme for how to update the uefi/bios, currently linked at http://www.minipc.vip/BIOS/BIOS%20refresh%20and%20U%20disk%20preparation%202019.pdf
The instruction was really simple, format the usb-drive fat 32, put the .zip files content on it. reboot with uefi, press escape to stop the automatic load of startup.nsh, press “F” followed by enter, wait, I then typed in exit I think, the machine rebooted. I now have a new version of the bios.

I used the file http://www.minipc.vip/BIOS/Q310G4.zip


Thanks for coming back and explaining what you did to solve your problem.

Hi @Nischi, thank you for explaining what you did to update the bios.

I recently bought a qotom Q355G4 as well and the bios loaded on it is from 2018. The links you shared are now dead :frowning: How did you know that there was an update for your device? I found this link: https:(fwdslashes)www.qotom.shop/download/BIOS/Q3XXG4/(forum won’t let me post links) I’m not sure if all of these BIOS files are for my motherboard or not. Not sure if Q3XXG405 is the same device as my Q355G4. It’s also interesting to me the the file sizes get smaller… I haven’t deployed my new machine yet, so I’d like to update the BIOS and have everything ready before I start depending on it as my main router.

Do you have any insight?

@baldgremlin Yeah I noticed those old links are now dead as well. Not sure where one can find new ones tho. But since I have a habit of backing up everthing I have the instructions and the BIOS I flashed stored away. If you have exactly the same Qotom as me you can try to use this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y5lv6pycd9rKtX88wQD2zCKqLGc0Ljvh/view?usp=sharing

Edit. I just noticed that the filename is Q3XXG405, the same as you mentioned.

Nischi ur the MAN nice job saved my day