Flashing/Beeping when PC1 is turned off

Hi all,

Just bought and installed a Combo USB-C Power KVM switch but KVM starts to flash/blink when I turn off my PC. My speakers are connected to the same power strip and the electrical noise is being transmitted to the speakers so I will hear a faint popping noise as the KVM flashes. Tried with a power strip and different outlet but same result.

Question is how can turn off the flashing/blinking of KVM switch if one of the inputs is completely off?

Current setup
Monitor 1
M32u (4k@144hz)
1. DP1.4 connect to KVM output

Monitor 2
28MQ780-B (2560 x 2880@60hz)
1. DP1.4 x1 connect to KVM output

From Motherboard (DP+USB-C combiner coming soon)
1. USB-C with DP alt to KVM input
From GPU
2. DP1.4 to KVM input

Laptop Docking station
Available ports
1. USB-C with DP alt to KVM input
3. DP1.4 to KVM input

Speakers is dual input

  • USB connection to PC
  • 3.5mm jack to laptop docking station

Hi, I’m sorry you haven’t been replied to yet.

I don’t have the dock, but here is an example setup with normal behavior:

Can you get a video of the flashing and noise? If not, can you explain/elaborate on how your result is different than mine? I don’t think I’ve seen flashing or anything before.

I think I accidentally muted the video when uploading, but what I did there was show the audio working through that small bar speaker, and then I turned the pc off.

Have you tried a ground loop noise isolator? They solve a lot of analog-related audio issues.