Flashed new bios but won't output from APU, any advice?

I’ve used Qflash, double checked it’s the right bios, it flashed for a while and turned itself off. Success according to multiple posts!

It’s a B660M with an i5 13500, no output from either HDMI or DVI to multiple screens.

It turns on, but that’s as much as I’m getting from it.

I’ve tried re-seating everything, didn’t help.

Any advice?

Edit: I also reset the cmos

A bit of context would certainly help…

Did it work before you flashed?
“Success” according to what?
Does it boot as expected using a video card?

It is a new build.
Success according to how the led is meant to ‘flash’ while the BIOS is flashing.
I will try with a video card and let you know.

In that case, start be removing everything not needed so you’re left with mobo, cpu and one stick of memory and troubleshoot from there. If it doesn’t boot, try another stick of RAM (preferably another brand/model if possible). If that doesn’t work remove the mobo and try it outside the case. Still dead you probably either have a dead mobo, cpu and one of them are damaged. Also make sure you have all power cables going to the mobo installed properly.

Don’t have spare ram, the graphics card gave no output.

Most likely part that is broken is the motherboard.

Inspect your Socket pins. You could have bent some while reseating.

Otherwise, I would suspect the CPU over the motherboard, but see if you can get some help from a nearby brick-and-mortar store to check the CPU.

No bent pins, thanks for the advice

Are there any diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard to try and figure out what is wrong with it?
The motherboard was incompatible with the CPU or did you previously had a successful boot? I assume the first one is true.

It’s super cheap, no diagnostic LEDs.

And it’s never managed to show anything on screen, this is the first time setting it up.

I’m getting in touch with Gigabyte to see what they say.

Got it. If you can get your hands on a speaker it might be really helpful to figure it out. And might give you more details to give Gigabyte. Maybe you could get one from a PC that was about to be thrown away.