Flashed bios doesn't load on startup

I flashed both bios for my HD 7970's a few months ago to run at 1150 core / 1650 memory. They both worked great and everything was swell. I upgraded the coolers to corsair h50/kraken g10's. I went in for some better overclocks using msi afterburner, managed to get to 1275 core. I then went to flash the bios for both GPU's. After doing so, the first GPU was still at 1150MHz clock speed, but the default speed said 1275 in GPUZ, and the second one was at 1275MHz, as intended. I reflashed the stock bios for both cards, which went fine, then I went to flash them again, but with the same bios from the first time (1150/1650), but still no luck. It still says this:

second GPU:

I also tried with just one GPU in the system, still said the same thing. Does anyone have any idea what would be causing this?