Flash, why do you suck so much?

So I have problems with flash; Flash doesn't work on Twitch it just says "Shockwave flash has crashed." I have this problem with many websites and i don't know what to do.

Because of this I use HTML5 Youtube, although this doesn't fix screen tearing. I have an Nvidia graphics card with the propitiatory drivers and use xfce4 (Sabayon). any thoughts?    


Installed chrome and flash works. yay!

I have Xubuntu and nvidia, and flash works just fine. I use Chrome so that might be the reason...

Here http://askubuntu.com/questions/341428/how-to-install-flash-player-on-ubuntu 

Apparently since 11.2 Adobe doesn't support flash on linux except in chrome

I've had to stop using chromium and move to Chrome because of this. I would suggest installing Chrome and trying it. 

https://teksyndicate.com/forum/linux/kde-screen-tearing/178627 Try that out too. That might help you.

Flash doesn't work on linux because flash is DRM (Digital Restrictions Management). Linux is the very opposite of DRM.

I strongly suggest you stop using flash. I haven't had flash installed for more than six months and I don't miss it one bit.

Don't use Chrome or chromium because they are a security and privacy risk.

Chromium is pretty secure I thought.

Hmm, I should have specified that I'm using Chromium, that would explain my problem. What is the best alternate to flash? I have had terrible performance with them (It was on a different system). 

I am still experiencing screen tearing any ideas? 

It's probably a driver problem then. In case hardware acceleration is enabled in that flash or HTML5 player, try turning it off. Most of todays hardware don't really need help from the graphics card to play back video of the typical kind anyway. It may end up using a bit more CPU time but you may experience fewer problems instead.

I have never had a flash version that really worked properly (no matter what of OS), a bit like I've never had photoshop version without quirks. I think adobe is just creating messy software.

Anyway you can copy paste youtube urls into VLC and play it there.

I often enqueue several youtube urls so i can watch them in a relaxed lean back manor.

I use Firefox and the Youtube All HTML 5 plugin. This plugin also allows you to see videos posted on other sites too, depending on the site's philosophy. There are some tech sites which only display benchmark results in flash. That's... so wrong.

If you are still having troubles with youtube, you can use youtube-dl. That's what I actually use when I want to watch a youtube video.

I'm getting the same problem through Chromium as well, I can play video though but as soon as I try to full screen them I get a blank bluescreen with the little message bubble "xxxxx is now full screen...." happens on any site with video.

Although through Iceweasel none of these problems occur apart from not being able to reduce fullscreen through "esc", I have to click Activities for full screen to reduce

I used to only use Chromium until adblock stopped working on it. The flash player on Chrome is still working correctly. 

I just get ungodly amounts of screen tearing now, other than that I use chrome for twitch.

I refuse to support websites that still force their users to view content using Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash will cause a stable overclocked system to become completely and utterly unstable just by watching streamed media using their shitty Flash plugins. Does not matter what OS or browser its on.

I just use the foss minitube app to watch youtube, works surprisingly well and fully supports 1080p unlike HTML5. Also takes only about 3% of the resources compared to ~20% on Firefox while watching a vid on youtube.

HTML5 does support 1920x1080 resolution. I do not have any flash plugins installed at all and I can view 1080p video just fine on any HTML5 supported website.

My comment was poorly written, it was targeted against YouTube, not html5; what I meant was that YouTube still does not fully support html5 as it should, since HD is available only trough flash. But thats expected since Google and Adobe do cooperate afterall, so providing full html5 support is not Googles best interest ATM. And now when they bought Twitch you can pretty much forget about quality "service" unless you either have the flash plugin installed or use Chrome.