Hey all, i wanted to post this somewhere in case anyone was running into the same issue i was:




Org i got a reff AMD r9 290 from Asus, it appears to have coil whine ( man did that drive me nuts ), so much that i went out and bought Asus 970 ( cause i read that it had no coil whine), however it still had coil whine, just very very faint... that was all in my impact asus rog z87 board... i ended up putting the r9 290 in my new build X99- A from Asus ( no overclock ) and guess what no coil whine ( but i didnt notice till later ).. anwway so i end up getting another r9 290 for crossfire.. and welll i ran benchmarks at first and was static not to hear any coil whine, however i then processed to overclock the CPU and well ran benchmarks and to my shock there it was again... then it hit me, dont overclock and see what happens.. and well no coil whine from the GPU..


Now with that information, i went back to the asus impact z87 board and disabled asus cpu optimization, and well no more coil whine at all..


MAN this drove me nuts for a while, glad that i got that address..  and well i guess the x99 doenst need an overclock when i  have 99% above all in 3dmark..