Fish shell


TL;DR the Fish shell is really very good, but is using an another shell something people care about?

For me it replaces Bash, with sh being the alternative when needed. Even for a casual CLI users it's better, and I've come to agree with the way they are making it, which has less syntax sugar and clunk than Bash.

Today I was trying an on demand http server that'll work with a media centre that is just VLC auto started and running full screen permanently, and using newsbeuter/podbeuterto fill a directory on a nas.

Rather than create a file, typing `funced news' and I'm in an editor on the cli with auto indentation and syntax colouring:

Brackets and quoting errors are visible, just like you'd expect from an editor, once tested it can be saved with 'funcsave news' and I think most lines show some differences to Bash.

I've also written a simple Telegram bot for an MTA and I'm basing a home automation system on Universal Variables with Events tied to them changing (via SSH or CGI), which is something I was looking to Python and SQLite for, I was impressed with Fish enough to try them.

Does the text editor have vi key bindings?

I use csh quite a bit because it comes default on some BSDs, but only ricers really care about alt shells normally.

They like writing scripts that won't work on any other system because they use extended functionality that requires their shell of choice. It's an E-peen thing.

That said if it works for you, use it.

no, it isn't modal

either this is a next level pun or I'm reading onto everything too much today:

I still use bash but if I was going to pick a different shell it wouldn't be for the language. A lot of the scripts I tend to write need to be portable. I did play around with zsh a bit which has a better API for writing customisation such as tab completion though. Still have yet to move over to it.

Fish is much fresher

not reading down the search results enough :slight_smile:


I'm aware of this. The person you're replying to is named cotton, so it could have been clever a play on words as well as a reference to modal window.

Great job coming off like a humorless, condescending cock though. 11/10.

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It does have a vi mode

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Fish has very good completions, it's in cygwin and Termux

Well it doesn't follow posix if I remember correctly.... I like fish but it has issues sometimes.

i've used both fish and zsh, but oh-my-zsh seems to have the most usable not outlandish git-related themes to it.

How does fish compare to zsh's community? Are there a lot of plugins?

there is oh-my-fish, i keep forgetting about these things myself

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Why does everything think just because you are not running BASH you cannot script against it? Want to use FISH but still have portable scripts, awesome, do nothing, keep using the !#/bin/env bash she bang :stuck_out_tongue:

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