Fish for insecurity and slaying bunnies

Today I'm not exactly sure what to write here, normally I'd destroy any negative thoughts instantly through action, like turning a Womp Rat into Swiss Cheese. It begs the question, why do most of us not suffer from insecurity while we play video games? There often seems to be a certain “disconnect” or “tuning in” where the rest of the world disappears, and all that's left is our avatar smashing an Orc, or in my case a Fish Man (Mon Calamari for the discerning Star Wars fan) crafting a vibroblade..


(Fish men excel at making weapons, don't ask me why)

 So where the hell does this insecurity so common in our day to day lives come from? There are thousands of reasons, each unique in their own right, but I might go so far as to say that insecurity largely comes from inexperience. We haven't been exposed enough to become inured to their effects on our psyche. In the case of video games, most of us go in knowing that we are in fact good at video games, which is likely the reason we are able to become so skilled at playing them. It's very similar to getting dates with chicks, or getting massively-and- utterly-shut-down by them as well (I excel at this :'( ).

(Real men and women fear not dangerous bunnies) 

 So the next time you're slaying bunny creatures with your battleaxe, take a moment to realize that you can be good at anything you want to be good at.. until your buffs wear out at least.

Thanks for reading, and a big thanks to Tek Syndicate for creating a community that appreciates and facilitates intelligent gaming.

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Post script: Someday I'm hoping to be a writer and content creator for Tek Syndicate if you enjoyed this short article please let me know below! :D