First time PC build!

Hi guys!

I've finally decided to join Tek Syndicate. Been a fan of The Tek for a couple of years now and I finally decided to join. Reason being that I finally seem to have enough funds to build my own PC!

I live in Denmark, and we use DKK (Danish Kroner). Let me tell you, it's hard building a PC here without spending a lot more than what you do in the states!

I've made a PcPartPicker list:

As there is no danish version of the site, I've set it to UK. This also means that the prices will not nearly be as cheap as it says on there.

I simply want to know if the parts fit together, and if it will be a good build for gaming. This is my first PC build, and it'd be the biggest bummer if something went wrong while spending all of my hard earned money. (The total build will come to about $1500 for these parts.)

So, what do you guys think?

yep, it will fit. here is mt suggestion: look fot the corsair 250d as case, otherwise, this is perfect. look if the cpu is supported by the mobo( i went on the gigabyte website but i can't find any information about), if the case allow it, look for another cooler, as ssd, look for something like the ocz, the adata or a good deal with samsung 840 pro, you can get better performance

looks great.  No complaints from me.

Thanks for the feedback! I've decided on the BitFenix Prodigy though, as I've heard it allows for a wide array of configurations.

One thing I've noticed though. There are two kinds of graphics card that are the same, example:

Would it be worth the extra 350kr. (65$) to get the 4GB one?

If you plan on gaming at higher than 1920x1080, get the 4GB one.

Usually anything above 2GBs of VRAM (if based on the same card, like what you see here) is optimal for resolutions higher than 1080.  If you're gaming at 1080, the 2GB version should be just fine.

Cool, I might think about that.

One other will the graphics card fit on the motherboard? I can't seem to figure it out!

1.  Look for the single long slot with a latch at one end.

2.  Take the GPU.

3.  Insert the connectors on the GPU(pretty obvious, it's the pcb part that pokes out) into the single lot slot.

4.  Done.

I suggest you watch a build tutorial on youtube, preferably with the prodigy.  It'll help you streamline your build a lot.

Yeah I've been watching a lot of videos on how to build parts into the prodigy case (before I even got the parts too, so excited).

Question about RAM:

Is there really any difference on the quality of RAM if we're talking stuff that's above the $150-$200 mark?

Well, it depends.

There are three main things to look out for.

The Amount: Probably the most common.  8gb, 16gb, 32gb, etc.  Higher is in general better, but 8-16GB is plenty in this day and age.

Clock Speed: This is the 1333mhz, 1600, 1866, etc.  Higher clocked memory is usually better when you're rendering videos or are using an APU or a chip with an iGPU.  If you're just gaming and doing regular browsing, and you have a CPU+dedicated GPU, 1600mhz is a nice medium to go with.

CAS latency:  The lower, the better.  For a gaming setup with a CPU+dedicated GPU, 1600mhz ram with a cas of 9 is fine.  As you bump up in clock speeds, CAS latency goes up.  e.g. 2400mhz RAM often has a cas of 11.

I lied.  Four things.

Channel:  Single, Dual, Triple, Quad channel.  For the most mainstream systems, dual channel is used.  Dual is faster than single, triple is faster than dual and single, etc.  Dual can be used when you have 2 identical sticks.  It'll also work with 4 Identical sticks.  Quad only works with 4 sticks, and multiples of 4. 

Sorry if everything was kinda brief, I'm typing on an itouch.