First time Linux

Recently I've been getting very curious about trying out Linux. I have never used it before in my life and I'm curious about playing around with it and maybe getting used to it. What's the easiest way to start with Linux without having to get rid of my Windows 8 drive, I do have plenty of other HDDs sitting in my computer.


I would check out Zorin. It will be easy for someone who has used Windows for most of their computer life to use.


Or you can use livecd/liveusb.

A live usb isn't a bad idea if you just want to try it out for a while. 

Oracle VM VirtualBox and install any distro you want and you can remain in windows and delete the virtual machine file when you're done. As a first timer I recommend this and when youre more comfortable then you can setup a dual boot if you want.

+1 for the LiveCD or VirtualBox install. You could download multiple distros and try them out. Linux is all about choice.

My favorite distro is Linux Mint 16 right now.