First time builder, need graphics card ideas

i am looking for a new graphics card option for my new build. i had priced out my system with  a 7950 but they are discontinued and the prices are sky rocketing. i am looking something to replace my thoughts that is close to the same price(about 350). i will be doing some multiple monitor gaming(three monitors). i want something that is dependable, ultra powerful for the money, and will overclock well. i just want a killer graphics card that will do what i want, when i want. open to ideas and whatever you got. thanks a lot.



as amd is selling out like preverbal hotcakes i'll recommend a 770, though for triple monitor it's recommended to go as high end as you can

thanks man, will look into it.


I would advise against the 770 since you're running multiple monitors I don;t think the cheaper 2GB variant will have enough for some of the newer and future titles. Unless you can find the 4GB variant of it for cheap

otherwise I would recommend the 280X. you can find it under $350 depending where you look and it has 3GB of memory, 

this one is $300 but it currently out of stock

Lots of AMD cards are out of stock.  I'd recommend:

R9 280X (or an HD 7970) if you can find them.  They're out of stock everywhere!  I hear it's because of bitcoin miners :/.

For nVidia, I would recommend the GTX 770.  4GB of VRAM will aid in multiple monitor and higher resolution setups.  I don't think 2GB will be enough(or satisfying) for your 3 monitors.

I just realized that I'm pretty much repeating what NJM1112 said.