First time builder and need a review of parts

Hi, I am planning on building my first gaming PC and I would like a review of my system components(P.S. my budget is $800 and I will be building in a couple of months[about 2]). I would like to run(1080p, 60 fps) and record(720p 30 fps) these games, Skyrim on max with lighting and texture mods, bf4 high to max, and Simcity 2013 max. Also, how hot would the CPU get. If it would get hot what aftermarket CPU cooler would you recommend. Any advice welcome, I could use some tips on building in this case. Thank you in advance, Brent.

Part list(I have my case, psu, and monitor):

i have the amd A10-5800k and i love it, but now im looking to drop in a video card, and im realizing that only certain cards actually increase the performance of the A10.

so just make sure you get a card that is defiantly compatible to the 6800K

Are you planning on putting your A10 and your 7950 in crossfire? Because I'm not too sure that motherboard will allow it.

Aside from some brands you've chosen that I'm not personally a fan of, you seem to be on a good track. You mentioned that you have a $650 budget but your list totals at over $800 and you haven't selected an aftermarket CPU cooler which I would strongly recommend if you intend on maxing out any PC game.

I would say your a few tweaks from being good to go, but you'll have to cut some more corners to keep what you want in your budget.

You don't need a APU if you are going to use a discrete GPU. Also low end "gaming keyboards" and "gaming headphones" in general are a waste of money.

I agree that Razer wouldn't be my first choice for gaming peripherals.

Why the change in memory? Price point?

Why the change in memory? Price point?

Yes. For the vast majority of users, there is no practical difference between various brands and speeds of RAMĀ 

Yes, I agree.

Still, I can't help but cringe when I see Windows 8 on a shopping list, haha.