First post :P

Greetings people!! *0dinson* here founder and head admin of Northern Irish gaming enthusiast website "Terror-Byte Gaming"

Yes yes this is a PC Gaming thread so yeah, finished my system there a while back so why not have my first post here about it :P

First off, yes I will be ordering a higher powered and modular PSU to this build and cable management is currently underway with custom sleeved cable extensions from  ICEMODZ :D and a custom side windowed side panel is being made from our partner page in Texas (Dirty South PC Mods)

Mobo - ROG Rampage IV Extreme

CPU - i7 3820 (Oc 4.2ghz

GPU - Palit Nvidia GTX 680 4gb

Cooler - Corsait H80i

Primary SSD - Corsair 128gb

Secondary+External - 1TB WD Blue, 2TB external usb 3.0

16gb RAM


Dual AOC LED 24" Monitors

Mad Catz Rat 7

Dell keyboard XD (changing to Perixx mech VERY SOON!!)

Razer Kraken headset

So yeah this is my system :P hope to hear from you guys soon! 

Welcome.  Nice rig : )

Ahaa a reply lol cheers :P

Great rig i built something similar for a friend of mine turn out pretty good. Anyways welcome to teksyndicate !


Quite decent rig you have there - I like cable management and color scheme

  • I have a question considering the cooling solution: H80i - how does it do its job and what about noise coming from it on Idle/Normal/performance.

Temps and noise are fairly stable, sits at 30c up to about 50c when I'm pushing it. As far as noise goes its fairly quiet have tried using dodgy phone apps to read levels inside the case and it reads off between 46-62 dBA :)

The cable management still needs work, just not happy with it tbh lol, next comes the modular PSU, spend a little more time to run them and not rush it and finally add the ICEMODZ sleeved cables :3