First pc


I'm looking to build my first PC later this year,

I live in Australia and I don't want to spend anymore money than $800

I have no idea where to buy PC parts in Australia.

99.9% of its use would be for gaming

I have all the peripherals that I need

I want to overclock in the future but not right now

I don't want to watercool and I have an OS

I am going to plug it into a 46 inch 1080p LG TV that I already have

I want to play Skyrim with plenty of mods at high settings if possible

I also want to play games like Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 4 when it comes out but I'm not to fussed on the settings

Last thing, if an SSD could fit into the budget it would be great but it isn't necessary.

I'll never complain about Canadian prices again. Australia is goddamn expensive

This is the best I could do.

For the record, I have never suggested 1333mhz RAM before... but holy crap Australia has high ram prices

Yeh its bloody ridiculous

Its basically the same build that liferescripted posted, except with a cheaper mobo and 1600mhz ram. You could also just grab 4GB of ram to start with and then add 4 when you're budget allows for it.

Would these boards be able to overclock or not?

You can mildly overclock on both boards, and out of the two I would strongly recommend spending the money to buy the Asrock. Although people do like the Gigabyte because of its stronger power phase design. 

the AU pcpartpicker sucks, just use PCcasegear, most of the cheapest stuff is there anyway and they are really helpful etc.

As for the build, I came up with this, the case is subjective, was going to go with a 7850 but managed to fit a 7870 in, overall this will actually be quite a formidable gaming system. Wouldn't recommend any heavy overclocks, the 970 chipset isn't ideal for that, and i you would definitely need a new CPU cooler for it, but should do you just fine for now.

So what other parts do you recommend?

Hello I am new to the Fourms but i am very interested in joining pc gaming. I have put some money down on a xbox one but i am questioning my choice. If someone could help by donateing the money or donating some un used parts i would be very apperated. I will try to make it up to you some how later on like sharing a game or buying you a game on steam. Thanks 

sorry, forgot to post the link

That's great, but please don't hijack this thread. Create your own forum topic for this please.

Thanks guys so much for all your help! I now know what parts I am going to use