First PC updated

OK so i posted a build few weeks back after a few questions and other suggestions i made this updated build.









Still have hard drives,windows 7. I think i can convins my parents so i can get the monitor but  i'm not sure.

Ok so the total is $699 (no monitor) and $799 (with monitor) i thought it would be better to chip in more money to get a better computer. OH and i have a monitor is just it SUCKS.

The monitor you linked seems to be pretty shit, according to newegg reviews.  Just putting it out there.

GPU: Get an HD 7950.  It'll beat the GTX 760 and is pretty damn cheap now.

Motherboard:  No heatsink on the VRMs, only a 4-pin CPU power socket.  You'll need a higher grade motherboard, as the power hungry FX-8350 won't work well in that board.

RAM: Get a 2x4GB 1600mhz kit.  1333mhz is too low for my taste.