First Pc Need Help (Australia)

I'm planning on building a new PC for Christmas which my parents are going to put some money towards it.  It will be for 1080p gaming and personal use.  I wouldn't mind overclocking it and having a bit of a play around with it but it wont be anything major.  I need a OS and would prefer Windows 8.

I have got a list of parts which i think is good for what i want but i need to cut the price down too around $1000(AUD). As i still need a monitor and keyboard.

This is the list of parts that i have come up with so any tips on cutting the price down a little without sacrificing too much performance.

Also about the Prodigy M cooling, what configuration of fans do you recommend?

Any help would be much appreciated.

its realy hard to cut the cost down on this, because the  Aus prices are skyrocket high.

best i could do:

Grtz Angel ☺

The only areas I see that you have any room to budge in would be downgrading the MOBO, taking a hit on storage, or find a cheaper case. You've got a really solid build, I would honestly just save up a bit more to get that setup.

yes his original build is decent. i agree. i tried to cut down the cost going the AMD route to give him equaly performance.

Sorry i forgot to put in original post that i am thinking about cross firing it in 6-12 months when i need more performance thats why i went with the 750w power supply.  Also i like a small form factor for portability between friends places.  Which is why i went the intel route because there are more options. ($1117 plus shipping from CPL+Mwave, but you can get all parts from PCCaseGear if you'd rather)

Its the same as Angels above post but with a better case, PSU and twice the storage, its more a usable build and still both cheaper and faster than the option you presented from PcCaseGear, plus with a decent power-phase 990fx chip-set board and hyper212evo cooler you should get a decent overclock going without any dramas. You could even run a second r9 270 in crossfire later on if you found one cheap (used\sale), it'd be well within the specs of the mobo and PSU, which would bring this build up to a serous graphics level, although it will do highish settings 1080p right out of the box anyway.

You not half wrong about there being more small form factor options for Intel.

Regarding Crossfire, the R9 270 is a very power efficient graphics card, it uses a claimed 150watts typical, and the second card in crossfire always uses less power than the first due to some features being inactive. Thus if we leave 200watts for each graphics card and 200watts for the CPU (this is very generous margins, you could overclock easy in that) you'll still be only 600watt , so it'll load your 750watts supply supply to 80%, this is close to ideal. Personally I'd be cautions on your choice of PSU though, the Bitfenix Prodogy M is a tight platform to work with, it has both limited cable space and a length limit on your PSU.

I was gonna suggest getting a FX6300 with angel's build but since you say you'll be crossfiring,it's wiser for you to get a "beefier" cpu.All around fantastic CPU,that.But for the price,the 6300 can't be beat.As Logan would say, "I can't not recommend that CPU".

Your original build is great for portability.Just save up as much as you can,yo.

Thanks i checked the power supply and it is only 160mm long and non modular which is said to be ideal for the prodigy m. But a better PSU would be appreciated


Be careful of the fact the A10 6800K is only 2/3rd the speed of the I5 4670, so if your not needing its built in GPU (hybrid crossfire only works with a few lower end cards as GPU's must be the same) its not a great deal. If your restricting your budget down that much check out the Intel I5 4440, its 30% faster for $30 more than the A10, enough to make it faster even if you overclock the A10. It also has a better factory cooler and makes less heat (84w TDP vs 100w), consuming less power in the process. I'm no Intel fan-boy, but personally I don't think the APU's are currently a good option for gamers, its just a shame you can't get small form factor 990fx chip-set AM3+ boards so we could run a portable Fx-6300 or Fx-8320.

well about crossfire wenn you wanne go the AMD route like i made for example, then you need to change the motherboard to the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0, because this board has 40 pci-e 2.0 lanes instead of only 20 pci-e lanes on the Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0. That is something to keep in mind!!

im personaly not a big fan of dual gpu setups by the way, i personaly prefer a more higherend single GPU setup.  that could maybe also be a good option, trowing in a cheaper GPU, save up and buy a more higherend one later on. R9-290 non reference for example.

The Antec HCG series is supposed to be good, its only the standard 160mm lengh and you can get semi modular or non-modular depending on what you think would fit best.

Another Choice is the fractal design Integra R2 750w, its the shortest ATX supply I know of (only 140mm long), although its still non-modular.

Your current choice (Thermatake smartpower 750w) isn't bad if you don't think modular cables are a great idea in your case due to connector lengh as it uses "flat cables" which fit around small cases well, but its not the best PSU in the world regarding power clarity, although I have used Thermatake several times in the past and never had a problem, despite heavy loading and long years of service, not that thats saying much as companies products change so much in that time frame... its your choice really I was just meaning make sure you check the length of whatever you buy because long supplies WILL cause problems in most smaller Bitfenix cases.