First PC Build

This will be my first pc build and would like some feedback on the parts i've listed

Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel Mid Tower Case

Asus m5a99xEVO R2.0

AMD FX8350

Kingston HyperX Beast 1600

1tb WD Black 

128gb Kingston SDD

EVGA SuperNOVA NEX650 80+Gold Fully Modular


I want to overclock so would a Corsair H60 be good?

And any recommendations on a good headset with good sounding bass and decent mic quality? Was looking at the Razer Kraken Pro but still on the edge about getting it.

Feel free to recommend other parts for this build, tried to keep it under a thousand but sometimes you gotta go a little over to get what you want. Mahalo in advance.



First up good looking build, you've clearly done your homework on this one. My personally recommendation is the change the SSD to a Samsung 840 evo 120gb as I've had great success with them, but either works. I'd also recommend getting a 2tb or even 3tb western digital blue or Seagate barracuda, its much cheaper per gigabyte and you will fill it, the tiny (its really small) speed loss won't matter since your OS and main apps are on your SSD anyway. Finally its a fairly loud case, but if you know that then fine, its not terrible or terribly expensive it cools really well and it'll house a system just fine.

Regarding the H60, I'm normally a huge fan of AIO water cooling but I still say no, it'll only cool as well as a much cheaper 120mm air cooler (like the hyper212evo). If you still want a AIO cooler for other reasons such as that it places less strain on the mobo (only really a factor is you move the system alot) and the fact you can vent the heat out of the case then you don't have a lot of options due to the lack of mounting for either 140mm or 240mm rads, making the Corsair H60 or Thermatake water 2.0 (slimmer rad with push pull fans, cools better but slightly thicker and louder) the best option. Personally in that case a Air cooler is a better bet, the hyper212evo is cheap and decent, the Noctua Noctua NH-U12P SE2 is very quiet and comes with two good 120mm fans and the Noctua NH-D14 is massive and offers 240mm radiator levels of cooling at low noise, at what is a very competitive price, provided of course it actually fits and your prepared to take it off to ship the case around.

Haha yes i've spent quite a while choosing which parts i'd like especially on the motherboard. At first I was gonna go with the Asus m5a97 R2.0 but having read reviews saying it's not good to overclock i decided between the m5a99x EVO and the Sabertooth 990FX. Wasn't going to use multi gpu's so ultimately i've decided on the m5a99x EVO. I'll take the idea about upgrading the HDD i'll probably go with the 3tb WD since I have a feeling i will be filling it up with all the GoPro footage I will be storing in there. And I'll probably ditch the water cooling and go with the air cooler. Thanks for your feed back

That looks like a very solid build!  

For headphones may I recommend the Sennheiser PC 350?  I have them and they are just amazing!  Mic is crisp and clear.  Bass is heavy (I listen to RAP and play shooters so i find this a plus)  Build quality is good but a bit plasticy in places but it's fine, I've dropped it quite a bit and it's still functioning.  Very comfortable on the head for long gaming sessions.

Awesome I'll give those headphones a look. Been looking at the forums and the Beyerdynamic DT-880's look good as well and around the same price range.