First PC build

Hello Tek Syndicate, this is my first post (YAY!)

I'm a console gamer but i don't hate PC gamers so please don't kill me. i'm building a decent PC for certain video games i want to play on the PC (The elder scrolls online, skyrim, borderlands 2 and wow) and here is the build i think i'm going with:

CPU: AMD FX-8350

Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0

Power supply: CORSAIR AX760


RAM: G.SKILL 2x8 GB 1833

Case: NZXT Tempest 410

Storage: SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB & Western Digital 1TB 10000RPM

Optical Drive: Samsung DVD/CD Writer

OS: Windows 8

I need your expert feedback on this build. please let me know if buying a wrong part that does not go with the others. And i also need your feedback these:

Keybored: Razer DeathStalker (not the expensive one)

Mouse: Steelseries Warcraft mouse legendary edition (its on sale right now)

Headset: the new steel series Siberia (is it worth the money?)

Monitor: ASUS 24 (VN247H-P)

The total for everything i mentioned here is about 2000$ (including shipping)

A lot of the things here are on sale now do a fast response will save me some money :)



EDIT: thank you guys for your feedback you are the best!

here is the new build:

any changes i should make for this one?

i would change the video card to amd 7970 he is very cheap right now and a lot faster then the gtx 760 ,you can take the 7970 by taking a lower watt psu to 600 watt and to take 8gb of memroy not 16g.

Psu: a bit overkill for the system.  I think you can settle for a 550w/600w if you want

gpu: unless you get a stellar deal on the gtx 760, I'd pick up a raedon hd 7950.  fast and great value nowadays

KB: I would not spend so much on a membrane keyboard, except for a microsoft sidewinder x4.  Try to get a mechanical keyboard if you can.

headset: steelseries siberia v2: comfortable and an excellent mic.  I'd get one.

With such a wide budget, I'd push for an intel rig, unless you're doing a lot of video editing or multi threaded applications.

You could save a little bit of money by switching to a 7950. It'll give you about the same performance as a 760 but you can get a 7950 for $200 right now with a mail in rebate. Unless you plan on maybe adding another gpu later, then your powersupply is overkill for your system and you could save yourself a little bit of money by going with a 600 or 650w psu.