First pc build

Please help me if you can improve my build in any way. Thanks :)


CPU:AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz

GPU:XFX double D FX-785A-CDFC Radeon HD 7850

Motherboard:MSI 9990XA-GD55 ATX AMD motherboard

Memory:Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4gb) DDR3 1600

GPU:Corsair builder series cx600 600w atx12v

ssd:Kingston hyperx 3K SH103s3 2.5 128 GB

storage:Western digital caviar blue WD10ezex 1TB 7200 rpm

CPU cooler:cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler

Case:NZXT Phantom 410

Optical drive:Lite-on dvd burner

(sorry if there are any spelling errors i missed)

THis has been edited again :) hope its better

What do you guys think now?



good no problems

beast u are good to go only thing is missing is os if u already got it 

Thanks for your input guys

get a better quality psu,like ones from corsair, fractal design, nzxt, xfx, and seasonic

Antec and seasonic make great psu,s  but at lest get one thats 80+ corsair do afordable 80+ 

EVGA makes some good power supplies as well, mainly the SuperNOVA 650W and 750W.

Get a cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler or nzxt respire t40.

Different psu, a NICE 80+ bronze one.

Different case, look at nzxt or corsair for budget-y cases.

I suggest an AMD 8350 and 7870. That bit of money saved could fit the 7870 that has a good amount more performance.

I guess its time to edit my build. :)


If you have the money i recommend the Xigmatek dark knight its 20 dollars more but Logan did highly recommend it!

Oh and if you dont mind the brand of your processor get the FX-8350 (like im getting) and with the 20$ spen get a better GPU like Spendlar said.

The FX-8350 performs just as well as the i5 3570k chek out Logans review and youll get your answer: 

If you whant to upgrade your PC you shold look at getting a better PSU (power supply) 750+ is great and also the FX-8350 is future proof too (it has 4 real cores but with AMDs hyper threading its like a 8-core) 

Sorry for giving you a AMD option if you didnt want.

I wish you the best and good luck :)


Looks like its time to look at amd stuff now :)

Keep in mind that im not a fan boy but i know much more about AMD than Intel If you prefer intel i cant help you but AMD i can :)

darksolider, the motherboards I look at for AMD dont have pci express 3.0 because when I look at the details for each motherboard it only has pci express 2.0

It would help if you could tell me why :)

Well first check this out

And if you are getting the FX-8350 this motherboard wold be the best choice:

If you dont like that motherboard and whant cheaper choice this wold be good too

Oh and just like that 1 link i sent you 3.0 PCI express slot doesnt increes the performance 2.0 will do just fine if you arent going to upgrade to a really expencive card (7979,TITAN)

I hope ive been helpfull!

Thanks so much again :)

No problem :)

Shoulds i get an ssd or a traditional hard drive?


Os ssd and storage drive, make sure the ssd has good reviews, and i recommend newegg for buying storage parts because of their great rma programs

option 1: Yes both wold be the best.(like Spekl said)

option 2: If you can scavange :D an old HDD then get only a SSD!

suggestions: Logans preferings are: the Kingston hyperX 3k,ADATA SX900,Osz vertext 4.

Logan has meny Kingston hyperx 3k SSDs and he says it lasts long (about 3-5 years)

The sx900 is the fastest but it is alittle more money.

I dont know anything about the Osz.

I wish you the bast and good luck!