First PC Build, would appreciate help/ tips

So I'm building my first PC for gaming and after a long time looking over parts to get I've finally come to a final list (sort of). This isn't exactly a budget build but I would always like to save money wherever it permits. 

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k

GPU: EVGA GTX 760 SC/ W ACX COOLERS or 770/ 280x if holiday prices are good

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87X UD3H or ASUS Z87 PRO

RAM: Kingston HyperX Black DDR3-1600-CL9

Power Supply: Corsair RM750

HDD: Seagte Barracuda 1TB

SSD: Kingston SSD Now V300 (or any other low price ssd, mostly using for OS and some games)

Case: Zalamn Z11 Plus/ Bitfenix Ronin/ NZXT Phantom 410/ or honestly any other mid tower with a window panel

OS: Windows 7 (not a big fan of 8 at all, however I would be interested to see any good reason to get 8)

I'll also post the link on pcpartpicker for a specific list of the parts:

Looking at the list I've noticed that this list isn't actually final in any way, so any help give will be greatly appreciated :D

switch to 4670k for easy way to shave money..if you dont need the hyperthreading..

I tried to match up all the parts as best I could. Price comes to be around $1350 USD atm.

I assumed after seeing the 760 that you'd be using this for gaming so i made some changes to that effect.

Changed the 4770k to 4670k, and upgraded your mobo to the sabertooth. Added a H100i for overclocking which combined with the Sabertooth will give you a really nice OC while remaining stable and quiet.

I changed the case for one that's a little less expensive but can still fit the components, I like the teal accents personally but feel free to change that.

Sorry I'm new to the forum so I forgot to mention all the details needed, but yes you're right it is for gaming. I do like the idea of changing the CPU to a 4670K because that will give me the extra money to get a 770 or 280x but my main reason for the 4770K is because I personally thought that the hyperthreading feature will help with the longevity of the pc and currently I am a in high school and I am planning to get into coding and a bit of game design so i figured the i7 would give me room to get into those things. As far as OC'ing goes I don't really plan on getting into to it to much because I think the stock speed will be good enough for my requirements but it's good to see what I'd need if I choose to do so.

i5 is perfectly fine for gaming, and got a change of a PSU(XFX is a Seasonic rebrand).  Hyper 212+ for overclocking if you want, and got a GTX 770.

You can keep the I7 4770K, Mobo supporting overclocking, SLI&Crossfire, get a R9 280X, a psu that will run 2 graphics cards all within your $1.35k...

I used a cheaper, but still good case, a psu (Antec HCG M 850w) of that's both cheaper and high wattage rated, with similar expected lifetime and power cleanliness, although you do drop from 80+ gold to bronze, so it'll draw up to 2% more power from your wall-socket if you over or under load it. These antec units are actually quite well though of generally.

I also change to the much cheaper Gskill ram... its what I use at home and its actually better due to its lower cas latency (when running XMP mode) and overclocks well if your into that. Its still 1.5v and I've never had or even heard of any issues with it, its even in the supported ram listing of many motherboards or haswell chips.

Other than that its just the stuff I added with the extra cash, windows 8.1 (preference thing, your choice), 3tb of decent brand and speed HDD, upgraded to Samsung 840 evo SSD (faster, lasts longer), a 240mm radiator AIO that'll sit in the top of your case and keep that overclocked I7 nice and frosty and finally the upgrade to the r9 280X, which is slightly faster than the gtx760, especially with multi-displays, although if you do a lot of productivity work with Adobe applications the gtx760 will be a better pick due to its CUDA support, which will run faster than the OpenCL on the r9 280X. If you stick with the gtx760 you can fit either a blue ray drive or a good pcie1x wireless network card and case fans.

If you're not planning on OCing then grab a 4670 or 4770 non-k editions. Save yourself a good deal on the processor and it'll run fine on stock cooling.

If you're looking at grabbing an i7 for the extra multithreaded performance then you can grab a FX8350 instead from AMD. It's not as fast as the I7 but it's over $100 cheaper allowing you to spend the money on a larger SSD or better videocard. Also, the equivalent AMD mobos are generally cheaper than their Intel counterparts.