First pc build, psu

Im picking out parts for my new pc, and one deliema im having is finding info on how much wattage i need.

the build is an amd a10 apu, asus mb, two harddrives, opital, 8gb ram (4gbx2). also planing in the near future to buy a video card, ssd, and more ram.

as for the price i don't really want to spend more than 130 but i know how inportant it is to get quality componts in a psu


PSU Calculator


I always tell everyone 550 watt minimum if your going to add any graphics card. This calculator will give you a rough estimate of what you will need

PSU calculators aren't that accurate tbh, I checked that newegg one though and at least it seems sensible, they tend to exaggerate quite a bit. And for an AMD APU build, even if you add a weak card for crossfire later, it's more than enough with a good quality 450W PSU like the Antec VP450 as an example. A 350W would even do but I usually don't recommend those because the 450W units are usually not that much more expensive and it's just easier because people tend to think a 350W PSU can't run anything.

Get a seasonic 450-550W. Its a bit overkill, but it will help with some minor future upgrading, and allow for some OCing