First Pc build: New gaming Pc

Ok so this will be my first pc build. The budget will most likely only be able to go up to 1200 however less than that  would be just fine. Here are the specs that I see as the best for 1200, if you have any suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to post CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms or opinions. All of the hardware will be bought from newegg and this build does factor mail in rebates into the price. 

Core i7 3770k

Asus p8z77-v lk 

HIS iceQ 7970 

Corsair vengeance [email protected] 1866 

Rosewill Capstone 550w 

Lite-on DVD burner 

CoolerMaster Seidon Watercooler 

Seagate Barracuda 1tb [email protected] 7200rpm 

All in a CoolerMaster 690 II 

For a total of: $1134.90 

For future upgrades after the build I do plan on addind 8gb more of CV ram and another Seagate Barracuda drive to go in a Raid-0 configuration

Any suggestions?  



3570k instead of 3770k. 3570k kicks fucking ass and will save ya 90 bucks and allow for you to buy an ssd.

ive got this ssd:

that ram is also a little bit daring with 1866 mem clock. maybe step down to 1600? link to what youre thinking about would be good this looks like the one youre thinking about which is actually not a bad deal haha

asus boards will kick ass, i literally have zero complaints about my z77-v pro board.

550W is a little low for what you plan on doing. At least go with a 750W if not more. The more the better a) less strain b) power for the future

I would recommend getting a 7970 that has a stock cooler on it, then buying the Artic Cooling ACCEL-X_7970 or the ever better (and cooler) Artic Cooling Accelero Hybrid VGA water cooling loop so you can overclock the shit out of it. Always fun.

Can't really attest for the quality of the water cooling loop, but I know those 3 slot triple fan ones reaaaaallly kick ass as long as you can get the installation right. Fun little project, looking forward to putting one on my 6950.

I would reccomend a Wester Digital Black hard drive if your not going to get an ssd. I would also say get good air cooler my personal favorite are the thermalight ultra 120's R3 rather than a water cooler on your first build, in most cases its unnessisary complication and with this particular one you might get less or at most equal to the preformance of good air coolers.  I do not reccomend doing raid 0 now that there are ssd's, its risky and unnessisary not to mention you will have to reinstall everything all over again. And your going to need a larger PSU 650 should do it, your cutting it very close with a 550w(I don't even think they have the right cabels for a 7970) .  Also for  psu's I highly recomend Seasonic they make really effiecnt psu's. 

Why thank you for the help. So first thing i will do is find a 750w PSU and adjusting the build to save and get a ssd