First PC Build, Need Advice

I'm building my first pc and I'm not sure what to do and want some advice and feedback. Want it to run 1440p. I have a list here:http: //
I'm not sure what moniter to get and if or what kind of case fans I need. Any advice would be good here, im pretty new to this stuff. My budget cap is $2000 (preferably less) and want opinions

Build is actually not bad. Couple things:

  • Z97S SLI Krait has had some issues with 3D and gaming performance, so I'd advise switching to a different motherboard.
  • Consider a large air cooler - these often cool just as well as 240mm radiators and are much cooler. Noctua NH-D14 and NH-D15 come to mind. If you want one with a better look, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE should come in many colors.
  • GTX 970 is a little bit limited in terms of VRAM due to the 3.5gb fiasco. Consider bumping to the GTX 980 or grab an R9 290X instead.
  • EVGA's NEX lineup is pretty mediocre performing. Also, 750w is overkill for one GPU. I assume you're going to run SLI in the future?
  • Windows 8.1 can be purchased cheaply off one of the sellers in the buy/sell/trade forum or reddit's /r/microsoftsoftwarewap. If you want to save some money, you can.

Here, I did some quick edits:

You selected some great parts! There is a few things id swab out. I personally don't like the mx series, get a Silicon Power S70. I bought one for my moms rig that i built and its sooooo fast, imho faster then the mx, and its slightly cheaper. For the motherboard, if you don't mind extra work, get the asus sabertooth take off the "thermal armor" and spray paint it white. Just for aesthetics. Other than that, what @Some_Tech_Noob suggested is great advice. Solid build!

Water cooling is generally not worth in a $1300 build. Still, if you want it, go ahead.

PSU is overkill for a single 970, but is around right if you want to SLI in the future.

Single GTX 970 is just right for 1440p 60 FPS (owner of same setup myself). 980 is not worth price increase and 290X's huge TDP is a turn-off (that thing will literally raise your room temperature).

Define R5 is a great case, although I wouldn't get one with a window.

Optical drive is completely unnecessary, throw it out.

If you want to buy windows, you can get a serial key here and save yourself some $60

For whatever reason, I cant access the link, but it sounds like you are going for a water-cooling setup, which I agree is a bit unnecessary for your budget. I'd rather ditch the water cooling hardware, sub in some cheaper air cooling and then put more cash towards RAM, GPU, or SDD improvements. If you can find a Define R4 for cheaper, the case is just as good. The only thing missing really is the modified moduvent modules in the top. Also agree with ditching the ODD unless you have a specific need for it (burning content to discs, installing legacy software, etc)

I usually put the 650 watt psu in my lists, I would like to keep the optical drive, I like music and would like to store them on computer, I'll change to air cooler. Do you have any advise to a monitor

Dell U2515H is really good, but it may be too small for the resolution (for example fonts may look too small).
BenQ GW2765HT is fine.
Asus PB278Q is good.

Those are cheapest 1440p panels that I could find reviews for.

Made a new list. Tell me what you think

Looks good. Note that GW2765HT's input lag is a bit on the high side (U2515 has the best out of three).

Thanks for the advice, do you think I will need case fans for the case

R4/R5 have two 140mm fans pre-installed, which will be enough for airflow in your system, but you can install another 140mm intake to keep dust out of the case.
Also, I think it's worth to pay extra $8 for R5 for its improvements over R4 (for example, better SSD mounts behind motherboard and fan slot covers).

You won't need them. Build the computer first and then see if something is too loud or runs too hot for your comfort level. I'ts only a buck or 2 two to ship them separately.

I would not save 20-30 bucks on the power supply, btw. In my experience it's the the one component that lasts the longest on a computer apart from the case (which is quite fine already). A higher rated (real watts, not some imaginary number some manufacturers come up with) power supply doesn't only run cooler, consume a bit less energy, but also lasts longer, since they do contain parts that deteriorate faster at higher temperatures. Usually almost exponentially so, too. It's also the one of the few component you can't quiet down by replacing a fan for easily, without losing warranty.´I had to replace the fan on mine brand new 850W XFX supply because I did not like the amount of noise it made for my otherwise nearly silent PC. Sucks to void warranty on a brand new 100$ part, so choose wisely.

Pretty sure my R4 came with 2*140mm for the front and 1*140mm or 120mm for the back. I could remember wrong though.

Oh yeah. It's absolutely worth it just for the MB SSD mount alone, if you plan to use that. On R4, I think you need to unmount the whole motherboard to exchange the drive. At least I got that feeling from looking at it or from the manual. Can't remember.

This is the build I'm currently using:

Try something like this it's a slightly modified version of Some_Tech_Noobs build.

Dude, his budget cap is 2000 and he prefers to spend less. So a 4000 part list isn't an option.