First PC Build - Looking for Tips

I'm trying to make my first PC build and I want it to be an affordable powerhouse for gaming. This is also going to be my new main computer so it's going to need to be overall good.

I have picked some general parts for the build and was hoping to get advice as to what [case and (choose a case that I think I want)] powersupply would work with everthing I got picked out in th link below:

I do not want to spend more than $800, but may have some room to go over.

By the way if you notice any compability issues please let me know. Thank you ahead of time for any help you give me.

Here's my configuration:

The CPU and Mobo are the same. With a $800 budget I would personally go Intel but that's your choice. The FX-8350 is a great CPU despite its age. Please note that I've left out a CPU cooler here. You'll need a decent cooler to overclock. You can pick up a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo for about $30 if you're looking for one.

RAM- Same capacity but faster and a lower price. Who doesn't want that? The speed doesn't really make a difference in games  but (at least for Intel) faster RAM can sometimes give you better overclocks. Personally, I don't like the way it looks, but hey, you might love its look, so really just personal preference on looks.

HDD- No change here but if you can squeeze in a 60GB SSD and put Windows on it that will improve the boot time and responsiveness of your system.

GPU - I spent some more here on a 760 as it outperforms a 660 Ti and even a 670, so for $60 more I think it's a great deal. It's your choice though as to whether you want to spend an extra $60 here.

Case- Here's where I skimped a little bit. Getting a more expensive case like the Define R4 (my original choice) would go over $800. If you can spend some extra, then definitley go for a better case.

PSU- Despite its price the PSU is just great. Say what you will about their graphics cards, XFX PSUs are pretty good.

ODD (Optical Drive)- I left it out because they're pretty much obsolete. You can install Windows off a USB drive anyway. If you're going Linux, Ubuntu and other distros can install off a USB key too.

I didn't know if you needed peripherals (monitor, mouse, etc.) or an OS so I just left it out. Adding Windows will add another $130 or so, while a monitor, mouse, and keyboard will add about $200-300 depending on what you get.

Pretty much the same build as above. Just added a cooler and lowered the PSU wattage. ALso changed the GPU, cause it's cheaper and better. When you overclock is it preforms better than an overclocked GTX 770. I also changed the case to a Fractal Design R4. It's a silent and has lots of airflow options.

I am not completely for sure which 7950 has better cooling the MSI 7950 or HIS 7950. I know the MSI one overclock's better and is voltage unlocked.

I'm new to building a PC so I'm not looking for something to overclock because I'm too worried about killing a part; however I'm now thinking about a CPU cooler too. But I dediced to go with the case that Manimal had in their build. I'm just not sure of what to get in terms of the power supply and am rethinking the GPU. I want to be able to use the Nvidia Experience software, but if an AMD card is good enough I'll get that instead.

Thank you everyone that is posting so far!

Pumpkin, you are wrong. THe HIS has better cooling and is a better overclocker.

Don't worry about overclocking. Look through guides and tutorials and you'll be fine. There's a very minimal chance of killing a part as long as you know what you're doing.

The Define R4 is a great case, go ahead and get it if you want.

The PSU's we've given you will all be fine, as well as GPUs. If you have your heart set on using SHIELD/GeForce Experience, then a 760 will do you just fine, but like Manimal said a 7950 is the better card, and it comes with 4 games.

The XFX 550 is made by Seasonic, a very high tier company. I highly suggest the 550w becuase it's 30 dollars and nothing can touch it right now for that price. I know you don't ant to overclock your GPU, but all you do is slide 2 bars. Your GPU does not get affected if you stay at stock voltages, so might as well. You will still reach very good speeds that pull far ahead of the GTX 760. OVerclocking the 8350 isn't needed, it's a;lready fast the way it is. I just added the cooler cause the stock AMD coolers are crap.

I just finished ordering all the parts but the GPU. I'm going to continue to get more opions and do a bit more research. Thank you everyone who helped me pickout what to get.

Which PSU did you get? And for the GPU, it's an easy solution. If you want to be stubborn and not take our recommendation of overclocking, go with a 760. If you do decide that you want to overclock, or you have the slightest temptation of overclocking then get the 7950. It will end up biting you in the butt if you don't.

I got the XFX 550W. I'm just looking into overclocking and different 760s and 7950s. Can you suggest resources for looking into overclocking and specific cards.

I'm also a bit worried about biulding up too much heat in my build and overclocking just adds to what I need to think about interms of heat.

Oh and one last thing I just remembered I'm going to need some heat paste for the CPU. Can I get any heat paste or is there a good brand to get?

Thank you as always for the help. ^.^

Also if I missed anything else please let me know. Thanks

Overclocking GPUs is pretty straightforward. Just look into your specific program/AMD Overdrive to learn about that.

For heat, yes, temps will become hotter but as long as your temps are below 80C you're fine. 80-90C is the danger zone, while anything over 90C should be considered dire. Anything over 100C and you'll hit TMax (maximum heat the CPU will take before automatically shutting off to prevent damage).

You really don't need to buy heat paste. The paste included with the Hyper 212 EVO will be fine. After a while though it may get old and you'll need to replace it, however this is usually not the case. If you really want to get thermal paste get Arctic Silver 5, MX-4, etc. The differences are usually only 1-4 C.

I decided to go with the 7950.

Thank you ALL! I'll think about overclocking it...

Which model did you get?

I finished it! Everything work, but the PSU sucks. With this PSU routing wires was impossible because they were not very flexible and some of the wires were too short to route.