First impressions of Linux mint 17.3 KDE (plasma 4) or 5?

After a crabby installation process that I think have more to do with the ISO creator I used than with GNU/Linux, I have finally decided to try this distro out as part of my "trying out Linux as a daily driver" thing I am doing.
I used Backtrack and Kali before for very specific purposes before and did not often "REALLY" use it. So i tried cinnamon out and something bothered me. I am not going to knock cinnamon because of something I cant put my finger on. Needless to say, I remember the old distro of BT R.3 that ran with KDE and loved it. So I decided to give it a shot with mint thinking that maybe i am just being a little bitch when it comes to the UI.
sure enough...I love it. Strangely, I am actually both disappointed and overjoyed at how little I have to use the terminal. So far, in my opinion this comes as close to a windows replacement as it comes.
Getting deeper into it, I see my first problem.....stuttering in Team fortress 2. well, not just stuttering, but all out freezing with audio stuttering. I knew that the awesome could not last forever, but I do not fault it. running Netflix through chrome and being able to do a lot of things I did not have time to figure out previously (therefore judging too harshly) has put a lot of points in its favor.

I will try to figure out this micro stutter thing and see if it does it on a single player game like fallout or skyrim so we can see where we are.
If you are about to ask
I am running an FX-8320 (stock clock)
Nitro R9-380 OC
12GB of RAM
750watt PSU

Linux kernel 4.4 should be out before the end of the year. Kernel 4.4 should have the AMD GPU drivers for your 380 which might solve your issue.